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August 19, 2009

Figured I should find a new theme for this blog, since the default has been boring for well over a year now. This one seems nice . . . but the comments don’t work very well.  Apparently the comments only work if you right click -> open in new window OR if you click on the heading of the post.   So if you want to post a comment, click on the post heading and have at it.

Go figure.

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Summer is almost over.

August 17, 2009

This summer Kaldun has taken a trip to Iowa and as a family we went to Colorado. Pictures from those events are forthcoming. We also remodeled parts of our house, did extensive work on the boats, and had plenty of other minor adventures. School starts Thursday, so here are some of our summer pictures:

The crowd was a little crazy at the Tulsa Tough bike races.

All pictures from  Miscellaneous Summer Pictures

Just found this amusing.
mother’s day bike ride to the Tulsa Kite Festival.
Random door downtown Tulsa.
Kaldun with someones dog downtown.
Tulsa Artist Coalition for their 10th Annual 5×5 sale.
Tulsa with a juvenile alligator snapping turtle.
Self portrait while hiking in the rain.
Kaldun crossing a stream while hiking.

As summer winds down we’ve been doing all we can outside.  Kaldun and I spent Saturday at the lake sailing in 25-35 mph winds.  CRAZY winds but tons of fun.  Boats were blowing over like a bad habit, eventually everyone got off the lake but great fun while it lasted.  Way pastmy expirience so thanks to the other people on Hobie Fleet 25.

Yesterday we went to Mark’s house for some cat fishing and swimming.  A relaxing day all in all.  Few fish to report, but the swimming was great.

I’ll keep the pictures coming.  The Colorado pictures will be up next.

- Jesse

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San Diego

August 10, 2009

Behold, pictures of Spring Break San Diego trip for Kelli, Kaldun and Sue (aka Mom):

San Diego Pictures

Sue looking dismayed. From San Diego Trip (Kelli, Kaldun and Sue)
View from hotel. From San Diego Trip (Kelli, Kaldun and Sue)
Kaldun finds a Hermit Crab. From San Diego Trip (Kelli, Kaldun and Sue)
From San Diego Trip (Kelli, Kaldun and Sue)
Shamu. From San Diego Trip (Kelli, Kaldun and Sue)
Dolphins following the boat. From San Diego Trip (Kelli, Kaldun and Sue)

More pictures to come soon! I will get this caught up. Oh yes, it will be done. More pictures by next Monday at the latest.

- Jesse

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Some updates, more coming

August 9, 2009

Some update somewhere killed my Gallery2 photo album. I’m been trying to get it back online but have been unsuccessful. Thus, I have replaced it totally with Google’s Picasa Web albums. Unfortunately, that entailed about 2 hours of re-uploading content. BUT, all old pictures have been re-uploaded and I will work on new pictures soon.   nearly 1000  pictures have been added, most had been posted previously (linked here or not).

Picture gallery here.

I also updated some links to the right: notably the photo link and added in some friends. So we are back on track!  I will be posting new pictures each Monday.  CHECK BACK MONDAY!

- Jesse

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Moving on

August 5, 2009

1) Still no pictures. Hate me all you like but I’ve been busy!

2) The Kitchen is finished. Wallpaper down, new glass holder in, repainted, new light fixtures.

3) The bathroom is nearly done. We tore out the god-awful wallpaper, stripped all the caulk, took out the light fixtures and vanity. Then stripped and re textured the walls and ceilings. We wanted to do do something a little different and make it appear bigger – so we added light colored chair rail (desert sand, I think), painted the bottom portion tan, the top sky blue. Instead of a vanity we put in a single mirror and a more modern light fixture over it. All we have left to do is the caulking and some touch up paint.

4) I also decided my boat trailer needed to be redone. So I disassembled what I could, ground off all the parts that were rusted out and the diamond wire, welded on some new braces/areas that were poor, ground that down, then sanded the entire thing down. Then primed, painted, and last night put most of it back together. Yay. All that to get it back to nearly the same color sans rust.

5) I’m done with big projects for the summer. Need to put some things back together. Brew beer for OKTOBERFEST, and get ready for college football. That is, after I tie up the loose ends of the former projects and put my garage/toolshed back together.

6) Kaldun starts school in 2 weeks. He is ambivalent.

- Jesse

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