Finals have begun

April 23, 2006

Oh joy. Its that time of year again. Stressing out over finals… which in law school usually equate to all of your grade. I shouldn’t care anymore since this is my last semester by I suppose I still do. Dangit.

I have one final down, and 1) one paper for advanced torts, 2) one memo for conflicts 3) one in class final for federal lands, 4) one take home for federal lands, 5) a conflicts final and then a 6) constitutional law final. Then Im done. I get excited just thinking about being done.

But all work and no play makes Jesse something something. I went golfing with “E” on Thursday and have been out and about a little bit this weekend. One short story of note:

Kaldun has learned to ride his new Easter bike pretty well, so we have been taking little trips to nearby stores. Yesterday I needed a few things (toothpaste, garbage bags, etc.) so we rode over to Walgreens. I have also recently taught Bacchus how to trot along with the bikes, so he acme with us. When we go in I tie him to my bike and head off to do my thing.

A brief point about the dog is needed here. He is about 50lbs and very affectionate. I have seen little kids (and adults) pick him up, pull his tail, step on him, or otherwise bother the heck out of him with no reaction at all. So he puts up with a lot of stuff, the only downfall is how badly he wants to be around people he knows…

So, we tie him up on the shaded side of the building and go inside. We have done this 3 or 4 other times with no big deal. He barks when we walk away and that’s that. So we are in isle 6 trying to decide which garbage bags to get when what to my wondering eyes should appear… but half of a leash being dragged by that damn dog. “Would the gentlemen who owns the dog please come to the front counter…” A store lady jumped out from behind him and grabbed his collar as he triumphantly trotted down the isle towards me. It was at this very moment that he realized he had made a mistake.

The tail fell, the tongue retreated, and the head slumped. Though he put up no resistance when I lead him out of the store, the realization that his great feat was not going to be rewarded came down pretty hard. Usually when he comes and finds me Im happy, he was so confused. All that effort to chew through a 1″ thick unscathed leash and this is what I’m greeted with!

In any event, the real issue was him biting the leash and coming through the door; so it was too late to punish him. I had Kaldun hold him outside while I checked out. I had to tie the leash back together in order to get him home, but everything worked out well in the end. That is my only issue with this dog, he HATES to be out of side of everyone he knows in unfamiliar places. It is usually a good thing, but not always. So now I’m in the market for a heavy duty chew proof leash. He won this battle…

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  1. That was a pretty awesometastic post (especially the Walgreens/dog part :-) ).

  2. Bacchus is cool.

  3. ps. I like your Easter photos, and your gallery. Very nice. I’ve been looking for a better way to get photos up on my site, and what you have is pretty close to what I’ve been looking for. Woot!

  4. AmeliaApril 24, 2006 @ 4:16 pm

    Awwwww… but Bacchus worked so hard to come see you. He probably thought he was doing some great act to work through the obstacles and reunite with his people! Kind of hard to be mad, huh? But not sure what kind of leash can hold up to that kind of abuse… maybe you could try putting that bitter apple stuff on it? Anyway, he looks mighty proud in the photo :0)

  5. jesse.fettketherApril 25, 2006 @ 7:38 pm

    He was might proud Amelia. i was obviously mad at him but like I said in the post, it was too late to punish him for anything. He wouldnt get it. So I think I might look to ebay a kevlar leash! Not sure if it exists, if not… you heard it here first. Note the date stamp, I own that concept!

    Brandy: The software my gallery is run off of is called Gallery2 running the carbon theme. It was not too bad for me to install and customize so I assume you could find some macho computer man to help you if you needed help. Google it and it will come right up, I’m 90% happy with it (no advanced searching and a few other small things).

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