Night Photography

April 23, 2009

A lawschool friend of mine and his new bride were in town last weekend.  We threw some cards.   Went out to eat. And generally had a good time.  JD is a photographer and has all sorts of fancy tools, cameras, lenses, and knowledge and  Samantha has started to really get into photography also.  So one evening we went out to take some night timepictures of Tulsa.  I didn’t get all the pictures I wanted, but I think we took some interesting pictures.  It was good to get out and do something different and a great excuse to hand out:

Power Plant along the river From Night Photography

Tulsa Skyline timed exposure From Night Photography

Fountains in the Arkansas River From Night Photography
Water flowing over a low water dam From Night Photography

Perhaps more exciting to some people, we had family pictures taken!  Samantha runs a potrait company so while she was in town we commissioned her to take family pictures.  I’ll post them whenever I get them sent my way!

More pictures on the way tomorrow evening.  Pollen count very well may keep me inside this weekend.  Something is really killing me the last 2 days.

- Jesse

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  1. Hey Jesse! I like the posted photos…I was itching to take some myself, but decided that the two of you should have your own fun without me butting in! I’m working on uploading your family photos right now so they should be on their way to you today! Sorry it took me a whole week!

  2. AmeliaApril 27, 2009 @ 9:11 pm

    Ooh… new family photos?!? Do share when you get around to it; Kaldun is about 6 in the shot I’ve got framed :0)

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