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April 25, 2006

As of today I am 50% done with the semester.  I finished off my Federal Lands class today with a marathon 24h take home final.  It was hindered a bit by an invite to the bar by my Conflict of Law prof. last night but I had to take that one for the team.  Anyway, I simply treated it like a work project and got at it early and finished it in tmie to go pick up the boy.  Done and done.  2 papers and 2 finals to go.  I hope to get the papers knocked out in the next day or so and then its all down hill!

So, having taxed my legal brain all day I spent the early evening posting some more pictures for your viewing pleasure. A while back my mom was in town and we used the opportunity to take a family day trip to Oklahoma City (OKC to Okies). We wen to the Express Ranch,  the botanitcal gardens, the memorial, and the zoo.  A nice day trip and still lots to do for a weekend trip sometime (bricktown, Hornets games, capital building…).  As always, you can find the pictures in my picture gallery (under trips this time).

Now its time for some serious couch laying.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my site!

    I’m still laughing at your Who is Jesse? page. My Mom always says that saying ‘if you’re bored you must be a boring person’ – now I’m preaching it to my kid, only I put if you’re not having fun, you must not be a fun person. Somehow that feels really wrong to say but what else do you say when you have a fun packed day and they said they didn’t have fun!!!! Okay I went off on a tangent there…

    Thanks for your comments about school. Something to think about – I was poring over the course catalog yesterday wondering that same thing.

  2. Good work Jesse! I am glad to see that you are keeping up with your blog despite the onslaught of finals.

    It’s all downhill now amigo!

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