Done and Done.

May 4, 2006

As of 7:30pm last night I am done with school. I have graduated from kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, and now law school. Arent I special? After $80,000+ of tuition plus expenses, plus lost wages I an now add “esquire” after my name. Oh yeah, it was worth it.

I graduated in the top 15% of my law school class, I was on the Energy Law Journal, Phi Delta Phi, and served on the honor code committee. I have worked for a Federal judge and 3 well known firms in town. So if you know anyone that wants to hire someone like that, have them call me.

Now my major financial activity is selling things. I am going to put my law books that the book store wouldnt buy back on Amazon. I’m selling a 1996 Ford Taurus (want one?). I think I may have already sold my soul during a pre-child bender, but I’m looking into that.
In other news, I met my wife at the mall today for lunch. It was my first pilgrimage to the mall this year and I came to the same conclusion I do on every appearance I make, I hate the mall. I think that stems from my general dislike of many people. You see teenagers walking along wearing the cool outfit of the month while talking both talking on cell phones. There are fat people wearing teeny tiny tank tops. There are skinny people trying their best ot look like Paris “Im a huge slut” Hilton. The “I want to be different crowd” is trying their hardest to dress like everyone else who is trying ot be different. Now, I will grant you that most some of the cattle are probably interesting people and I would be able to get along with many of them just fine, but when they’re at the mall in small groups they seem to have their game faces on. Its time to perform and the mall is my stage!

In any event, the mall really bothers me. In addition to the herd of people; I came to the realization that 80% of the stores in the mall sell crap I have no interest in. In fact, I think 80% are womens clothing stores. —- Ok, my mall rant is going no where, I can see that. I dont like the mall. Its a wonderful tribute to unbridled capitlism, consumerism, and Americanism… but I cant stand being there.

Bacchus, my dog, had a backup leash I was using after he ate the previous one. He ate that one yesterday. I tied him up outside of Kaldun’s school like I do a few times a week, only this time he chewed through the leash and sat diligently outside the door waiting for me. Argh. I fought the dog, and the dog won.

New pictures are posted of a family trip to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve and to Woolaroc (Frank Phillip’s summer home). The photo gallery continues to grow!

- Jesse (esq.)

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