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April 30, 2009

Just a quick blurb.

I usually don’t get all worked up about celebrities.  I give them their space whenever I see them and generally don’t know that many anyway.

Today at the Court House Garth Brooks was on the same floor I was.  Someone pointed him out to me, I thought it was cool.  I went back to my hearing.

In themiddle of the hearing the Judge calls recess and asks the counselors to go back to chambers.   I walk back there and Garth Brooks is standing in the office.  He is personal friends with him!  What’s more impressive, he turns to ME and says “don’t tell me you’re working here now?”

I had a chance to briefly be introduced to him several years ago, and he apparently  remembered me.  Nicest possible guy.  Just chatted around for 10 – 15 minutes before we got back to work.  On another break he was in the hall still chatting with Sheriffs and taking pictures with anyone, not talking to people like a super star – just like a guy (hard to explain). I went up to him to chat on my break and in the course of conversation asked if he ever got tired of people coming up to him.  (his wife was there too, Trisha Yearwood.  Who I admit I didn’t know who she was.  Not a country fan, but she’s kinda a big deal too).

He said he doesn’t like mob scenes, but since he lives in Tulsa (N. of Tulsa really) he doesn’t get mobbed too often and people give hims pace at restaurants and such.  He added “my Dad always told me to be more concerned when people don’t recognize you.”    I told him that I was very impressed that all the stories about how kind he  is are absolutely true.  The guy has sold more records than anyone else in history except for the Beatles.  It feels good when successful people remain down to earth.

In other news:  Kaldun hatched some praying mantis (mantises?), we let all but 5 go tonight.

- Jesse

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  1. Very cool story Jesse! It is awesome that he remembered you, though ou’re a pretty memorable guy so it’s understandable :-) .

    Next time you’re talking to Garth, please let him know Samantha and I enjoy his music and if he wants a little getaway to the woods he’s welcome to visit us in Missouri along with you :-) .

    PS I’m dying to know if you had a battle royale with praying mantis vs. Mushu?

  2. Speaking of such, my sister wants Trisha Yearwood’s cookbook and twice now I’ve called her Trisha Yearbook…yep.

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