Officially graduated

May 13, 2006

Ok, I walked over the stage and got hooded. I am officially done with school.

I had a most excellent weekend of friends and family (sad that I am just writing about the weekend now). I also scored some most excellent gifts for graduation, I plan on a doing a nifty photo array of them sometime in the not too distant future. My wife got me a new Palm TX, so far it rules. It has 125 mgs built in, 400mhz, and an SD card expansion. The thing has blue tooth AND wireless. I’m gonna try to set it up so i can do blog posts from it all quick and easy (it had issues with frames and other things sometimes). other than the most stellar palm, I shall leave you in torrid anticipation of the photos.

My bar prep courses start Monday so my motivation factor is a bit lacking. It has also been perfect weather here this week so I have been wasting alot of time outside. Hell, I even got out on the golf course the other day (I’m horrible… have pictures form that to post too), which was a good time. The bad news is alot of my friends are moving away. Many are going to KC, a good buddy is heading North of Seattle, JD went back to the motherland, and many casual friends are scattered to the winds. BUT! Alot of people I know are staying and now I have places to visit (which I will say I will get done and wont for the longest time, sorry).

So I guess this post is to say I have posts coming. So, I guess its worthless. Wow, perhaps I should come back and add some substance to it later.

Golf photo’s, gift photos, and the family photo’s JD posted coming soon!

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  1. Woot, Jesse and Brandy (two of my favorite people) both posting new entries on the SAME NIGHT :-) I actually posted one too, but somehow I managed to delete it. Ohh well.

    PS You have an open invitation to visit anytime (except for when we’re taking the bar exam…)

  2. PS Way to go on getting all the cool schwag! Along those lines, I got myself a new “stalker” lens (i.e. super-telephoto) for graduation.

    So far though I have only been stalking birds and butterflies ;-)

    PSS Here are some nice programs (including blogging apps) for yourshiny new Palm computer.

  3. Congrats on completing college – I still remember the incredible sense of freedom I experienced when I handed in my last exam back in B-school, though I do miss the days when all you had to worry about was exams and assignments :(

    And congrats on all the shiny new schwag – I would be interested in knowing what your experience with blogging using a PDA is.. I am currently harboring geek lust for a and one of the first things I have planned once I buy the phone is to try out some moblogging.

  4. Gah.. my link got screwed up.. the PDA I have my eye on is a HP iPAQ 6900 (

  5. jesse.fettketherMay 19, 2006 @ 9:04 pm

    I have a palm TX and it works dang snazzy. I downloaded a 2.6 meg MP3 over my 11Mbit wireless in about a minute. So that’s fast enough for most stuff :)

    The only problem with the wireless internet is that some (many) web pages look all messed up. It tried to optimize it for the viewer but sometimes fails. It will stack the different frames or other odd things sometimes. Oh well though, the email works great and so do most CSS compliant pages.

    Still not done with classes… see recent post (up coming actually).

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