July 1, 2009

The family is back from Colorado, Kaldun is back from Iowa, and all is well in the land of Fettkether. It’s been HOT in Oklahoma lately and my computer heats up out little den even more, so that’s my current no-picture excuse. But I have some amazing pictures to post from Colorado.

While I’ve been slacking on there, I’ve been doing fairly regular updates on Facebook. So if you are starved for news or lame comments, have it it. Otherwise . . .

We’ve been doing gardening work, work around the house, made rootbeer, cooking interesting meals mostly on the grill (and we did sushi), and a ton of sitting outside in the evenings with neighbors. Funny how 90F feels great after its been 104F outside all day.

I have not forgotten. Just continued my slacker ways.

- Jesse

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