July 17, 2009

We’ve been doing a TON of stuff lately:

1) Tearing out all the wallpaper in our house and repainting.

2) Getting sick (flu like) and getting better.

3) Catching up on yard work/gardening

4) Cooking (smoking meat, sushi, other goodness)

5) Watching movies (new Harry Potter is out . . . need to see it!)

6) Going to the lake:

Last weekend we spent Friday evening setting up the sailboat at home and doing some minor repairs. Saturday we headed to the lake only to have a semi throw a tire. Which knocked loose the fender on my trailer, which broke a weld and sent a bar through my hull, which bounced down and SHREDDED a tire. So I spent Sunday repairing the boat (and tire).

7) Working. Kelli took a week off just for the hell of it, but I’ve been working.

8.) Fishing

9) Poker. Tuesday nights are poker nights. Busy busy.

10) Getting motivated:
a) post pictures
b) brew Oktoberfest beer
c) finish house projects
d) running a marathon in September
e) surviving 100F every damn day

So I haven’t forgot about you. I am just keeping really busy (and being lazy). I manage to update my Facebook account a couple times a week and Kelli is on Facebook now too. So if you are really hungry for quasi-news, track me on there until I get myself back in gear.

- Jesse

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  1. Sorry to hear about the boat damage :-( .

    Everything else sounds good though :-) !

  2. Kelli is on Facebook! I’m adding her this minute! YES!

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