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August 5, 2009

1) Still no pictures. Hate me all you like but I’ve been busy!

2) The Kitchen is finished. Wallpaper down, new glass holder in, repainted, new light fixtures.

3) The bathroom is nearly done. We tore out the god-awful wallpaper, stripped all the caulk, took out the light fixtures and vanity. Then stripped and re textured the walls and ceilings. We wanted to do do something a little different and make it appear bigger – so we added light colored chair rail (desert sand, I think), painted the bottom portion tan, the top sky blue. Instead of a vanity we put in a single mirror and a more modern light fixture over it. All we have left to do is the caulking and some touch up paint.

4) I also decided my boat trailer needed to be redone. So I disassembled what I could, ground off all the parts that were rusted out and the diamond wire, welded on some new braces/areas that were poor, ground that down, then sanded the entire thing down. Then primed, painted, and last night put most of it back together. Yay. All that to get it back to nearly the same color sans rust.

5) I’m done with big projects for the summer. Need to put some things back together. Brew beer for OKTOBERFEST, and get ready for college football. That is, after I tie up the loose ends of the former projects and put my garage/toolshed back together.

6) Kaldun starts school in 2 weeks. He is ambivalent.

- Jesse

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  1. Mom/Sue/Grandma SueAugust 8, 2009 @ 4:16 pm

    Please take and post some pictures!! We also want pictures of our handsome grandson!!

  2. Wow…You guys really remodeled! I hope I get to see it soon…but that would require an invitation to come to Tulsa ;-) (hint hint!)

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