May 19, 2006

Well, after three years of law school I determined I learned nothing. This week I am taking the PMBR (bar prep classes for the multiple choice portion) and am getting hosed! Sheesh. A “good” score is in the 50% range. I got 54% today in Con. Law and that was in the upper ranges. Ouch. So much to know, so much time to learn it. I’ll be busy studying for the bar (and job hunting) until July, argh.

In other not-news, I have taken to riding my bike to school the last month or so. Since I no longer have to go downtown to work and then to school, it is just a 2 or 3 mile ride. So that works out pretty well. Since it hit near 100F today it was a bit warm for the evening return trip, but I suppose my car’s AC would just be catching up when I got home anyway. So yay me, biking instead of driving is a nice little Am routine now.

Which reminds me of a funny (the gas saving from riding my bike). The only funny thing I saw on SNL in the last few years has been the News Desk, last week they reported “in other news George Bush’s approval rating has dropped to three dollars a gallon.” That made me chuckle, so I shared. I digress…

After the PMBR class today the family and I went to “Over the Hedge,” the new Dreamworks movie. I’m happy to report a fun time had by all. It had some hints of Shrek in the hidden high-brow comedy (a possum plays dead and moans ‘rose bud’) but plenty of stuff to make the child laugh. All in all a good time and I highly suggest you catch it. Kelli (my wife) and I hope to see the Divinci Code in the near future, in spite of the bad reviews from ‘art critics.’

This weekend is the Mayfest arts festival in Tulsa so I hope to get there on Sunday. Sat. I have MORE PMBR crapola and a graduation party to go to. So yes, that means I have not yet posted any new pictures and continue to fall further behind. All picture promised, plus graduation pictures, are forth coming. Someday.

- Jesse

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  1. Glad to hear about the bicycling, keep it up amigo!

    Stick in there. My PMBR starts this coming Monday, and I’m pretty sure I’m tops in the know-nothing category :)

    PS It is much cooler here in MO (low 80s) so when you get the urge, come up here an go kayaking in the cool rivers with me!

  2. I’m looking forward to some graduation pictures, since I have none of you in your cap and gown. (I thought you would hit the party in your official graduation attire, not go home and take it off!) Your dad and I are so proud of you. Don’t forget, without the support of Kelli, who knows where you would be today, and in the future, so we are proud of her too for taking on so much by herself while you put so much time into your studies.
    I just know you will land a great job!

    I love you, son!

  3. jesse.fettketherMay 22, 2006 @ 11:22 pm

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks for checking in mom. I think I am official a geek again now that my mom posted on my blog, stayed up playing agmes until this AM (with Otang), and I helped a friend (Kevin) format his computer today. So that’s good.

    Anyway, great hearing from you and glad to see you checked it. Its pretty advanced of you to figure out how to post :)

    See you in a few weeks. Im still not entirely sure how it will work out on my part, but I will be in Iowa for a couple days anyway.

    - Jesse

    ps. Still trying to bike to destinations JD. damn the man!

  4. Your mom is pretty cool indeed, for being a blog commenter and all :D

    I am glad I was never convinced by the advice I got when I was young to become a lawyer. Exams even after you graduate? That’s just cruel…

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