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May 29, 2006

Since I last wrote I have begun my BarBri courses. They are half-day courses going over 16 subjects of law, mostly specific to the state you are in. So far they arent so bad, but towards the end of the session Im really starting to get bored. Trying my best to stay on top of it, 3 years of law school and if I fai lthis last test it doesnt men much.

Kaldun has graduated from Kindergarten, a grand ceremony was held to honor the event. I’ll be sure to post the pictures (and video) from that as it was pretty dang funny. However, I plan on passwording it since there will be pictures of other kids on there and I’m not sure everyone would be cool with that. I’ll think of some way of letting most people find the password.
Kaldun graduating...

On the home front, I have torn down my fence and was planning on putting up the frame for the new one this weekend. Alas, I worked myself to the point of passing out (literally) trying to finish tearing it out and came down with strep the next day. Who knew working in 100+F heat until you blackout is bad for your health? Oh well, lesson learned. I am on some antibiotics and ventured outside to feed the fish today, I havent even puked once today and didnt hallucinated at all last night; so that’s good. Im not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing to burn a holiday weekend on such nonsense. In any event, I hope to get back in the fence building game tomorrow, at a little slower pace.

And yes, I know, Im worthless as far as picture posting goes. I swear I’ll get something up. If nothing else, Im off to a wedding in a couple weeks and will be sure to snap some pictures while back in Iowa (and post them). You’d think my being sick would have provided a good opportunity, but I was preoccupied with laying on the floor and groaning as the dog licked my face, which was nice. So, as always, pictures soon.

- Jesse

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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend Jesse. Good work.

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