Dog 2

June 25, 2006

Well, first I should share the big news that the FENCE is done! It took us about a month to get the thing done, it was ou rbreak from bar studying. My buddy Kevin helped ALOT. THe lowest bid I was able to find was just below the $6K mark and we got it done for about $2,500. I took before pictures, during pictures, and after pictures. Which, of course, I will get aorund to posting in due time. I am very happy with the way it turned out, it looks perfect… so maybe Im no the wood butcher all of the males in my family are purported to be.

In other news… the Multistate Bar Exam is no fun at all. I took a practice exam, as my friend JD did recently, and realized it is 50% knowing the law, and 50% stamina. The thing is on the order of 100 pages long and has 200 questions over 7 hours. Trying to critically think for that long is not fun at all. I bet I missed more than a couple on account of basically not caring anymore. Argh! I ended up getting 109/200, before you mock me, the average is 105. So I would have passed the bar with flying colors! The practice test is made harder than the real thing to really give you a wake up… so thanks for that. Anyway, I spent yesterday doing the test, today going over half, and a full day tomorrow doing the same thing. That’s 21 hours of MultiState Bar in 3 days. Bar prep continues.

But! More interestingly, I found a dog the other day. Well, the dog found my sons school… it was wondering aorund the school with no tags and the teachers were freaking out. I got a hand on her but she had no tags. So I held her while they called the Humane Society but we were informed that they had no more room for dogs. With no tags and no claim, the put them down in 24-36 hours. :(

That would not stand. So like an idiot I took her and threw her in my new snazzy backyard. I have check the area for posters, called ARF, Animal Aid, the Humane Society, Animal Control,, and several other places I can think of listing her. I took her to the vet and had her scanned for the chip and/or tatoos I could find but nothing. Apperently no one is looking for a juvinile black lab bitch. By the looks of her she hasnt eaten very well for sometime. Sweet dog, but I forgot what a pain in the butt a puppy can be. I’m guessing she is 50lbs and still real young, teeth pearly white, gangly, and clumsy… So if you are looking for a black lab you lost in the mid-town area, let me know.

So it is I have now doubled the number of dogs in my home. I still hope we find her owner but if not, it looks like we will be giving her a home. Today is day 4 and we dont know her name, we have just been calling her “DOG 2″ and she is starting to answer to it, so I think it is time for a name. For dogs, I have read the best name is 2 hard syllables, they respond best to those sounds. So ahhh, yeah.

Dog #1, Bacchus on the left. Dog #2, Dog #2, on the Right.

Them Dogs

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