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April 2, 2006

If you are here, odds are you either know me, someone I am associated with, or are a regular at weblogs.us. In the first two cases, you have some idea of where I am coming from. The latter is probably interested to know that I am friends with JD, who was gracious enough to set this up for me (and who will be providing my out of date self with tech help in the near future). I primarily plan to use this site to host/display pictures as I am a bit of a shutter bug. I go in and out of mass picture taking mode. I will probably end up sharing some other things too as I go along, so we shall see.

What pictures you ask? I started taking digital pictures with a MX-2900 when my son was born 6+ years ago and went on from there. The pictures are of everything from everyday life to scenery to random things I thought would look neat. So snapshots to actual art I guess. In any event, i share them with you (soon).
Why some latin moto for the title?

A few reasons actually, my initial inclination was to call it “Jesse’s World,” it didnt take long to realize that was the most common page title in the world. So that was out. I chose a latin phrase because that is what people do when they are trying to add the perception of value to something new, seem elitist, or simply think its neat. I’m in on all three of those to some degree; to the extent that its funny people think a latin motto makes a difference (Ivy League schools in the new world, the startup US government in the late 1700′s, etc.), to the extent that elitist means educated people that might actually look up what it means (though I defeat that here in a bit), and a latin motto on the net is something at least a little different.

Finally, “fortuna caeca est” means “fortune is blind” and was uttered by Cicero. Cicero was referring to his own rise to power and that of contemporaries (Augustus) who were not seen as worthy of the positions they held, but it also referred to why good things happen to bad people and vice versa. In any event, I kinda’ like the phrase and admire Cicero. Sorry if you learned something.

If you want to know something about me, check out the Who is Jesse page.

- Jesse

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