July 22, 2006

Bar study continues. The more I study, the more I think Im going to fail.

The repair guy for the AC unit came on Friday but brought the wrong part, of course it was too late for him to get the other one.  So he has to call it in on Monday, should be here by Wed. So perhaps by next thursday we will have some god damn air conditioning.  So that’s nice. The Fettkether’s have evacuated to my uncles house.

Igasa is still gimpy, no idea why.  No time to take her to the vet until after Wed.

Pop quiz.  If a law clerk submits a letter asking if he is going to be hired (common practice) in April, and asks about it in person 2 additional times since then, when do you send him a 3 line rejection letter offering him a part-time job?  Answer: 3 days before the bar.  Ok, I talked to you two weeks ago trying to get an answer.  We talked about the bar.  EVERYONE KNOWS the bar is at the end of July.  I specfically told you.  Your letter even says good luck at the bar.  Im a little stressed right now, couldnt you wait a few days to tell me Im screwed? So thanks for that.

If there is a killing spree in Tulsa, blame me.

- Jesse

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