July 31, 2006

Phew, ok, things are back to normalish.  I can assume my unemployed life and get everything back in line.

Before I do that, one more piece of bad news.  The day before the bar I got a notice from the IRS that my Investment Partnership is being fined… so I’m fighting that because its BS.  Otherwise:

1) Bar over.  Feel as good as anyone I suppose.  Man that sucked.

2) Igasa is back on all 4 legs again. No idea what happened, musta dumb something stupid and puppy related.

3) Back in our own house!   $1,000 later we have A/C, and godo thing too, its 102F outside atm.

So with all of tha tbehind us, we have been spending some time doing stuff.  Actual stuff!  We went fishing on Friday and caught 4 or 5 McNuggets, seriously small fish.  I’m not a ‘tuna’ fishermen as my dad says, so its generally catch and release.  GOod thing too, my family would have starved that night.

Yesterday we went to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & the Planatarium.  Pretty cool stuff. It set us back about $30 for 3 peolpe to do both things, so its not too bad.  The Museum had lotsa neat stuff, about enough to keep a 6 year old interested for 2 hours.  I have some pictures from that, which WILL get posted soon.  Inside they have (counts in head) 8 or 9 full size plans/helocopters including a LeerJet and an F-14 to climb in.  THey also have an engine from a jumbo jet, HUGE!  All sorts of neato stuff that I would have liked to read, but alas, 6 years old.

The Plane-arium (a la South Park) is a new state-of-the-art movie projector in 360 degrees over a full dome.  Pretty cool the stuff it can do.  Of course the standard stars i nthe sky, but then it can go from sunup, to sundown and rotate as if going through the night for any night, anywhere, in HD.  Pretty cool.  It can also ZOOM in on objects from various pictures available including Voyager images of the planets and Hubble images.  JD would be highly impressed by the computer array in the background if nothing else.  However, we saw a movie on it geared for kids… not that great obviously, but Kaldun was entertained. It was neato seeing a movie in 360 degrees though.

Well, Igasa is trying to eat the Chinchilla, so I had better get a move on. COLLEGE FOOTBALL IN 30 DAYS!  Whoohoo!  Happy times are here again!

- Jesse

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  1. Yo Jesse!

    I hope your summer is progressing nicely :-) . Sounds like you guys have been doing some good stuff.

    Just wanted to let you know that I answered your satellite internet question over on my website…

    Tell everybody hi for me!

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