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August 24, 2006

Alright, well things are started to get dangerously real around here.  I am starting to talk seriously with firms about jobs. Scary stuff, I know.  For some reason, having offers on the table is more stressful than not having offers on the table.  I guess, in part, because with nothing on the table the sky is still the limit. When there are offers on the table, you kinda see what the real world says, both money and job function wise.  Stupid world, all needing me to get a job and stuff!  I’m sure it will all work out.

In pet related news, I killed my fish.  In my backyard we have a ~80 gallon pong and a stream system setup.  There are lilly’s, Irisis, water lettuce, hyenthia, and various othe rplants in the water and stream.  We dont use any chemicles to filter the water, so we get lots of wild life too.  Toads in the spring, birds year round in the stream to take a bath, nymphs, and so on.  We also put in some cheap feeder fish a few years ago.  4 of those fish grew to be 9″ long and spawn several surviving smaller fish.  When gold fish get larger than 2 or 3″, they get real neat coloration on them and their fins get cool looking.  These were well beyond that.  Several colors on them, large fins, real neat looking.  They are so used to s that we can actually pet them if we put our hands slowly in the water.

All that tragically ended.  They survived a mighty storm that screwed up the pond on Monday.  The water level was low on account of 100F days and we got 2″ of rain in about 2 hours, so the ensuing flood caused the stream to go off course and drain 50% of the pond.   They survived that. However, last night I was topping off the pond and got distracted, leaving the house on IN THE POND!  Water in Tulsa comes from holding ponds, since it is sunny and hot they are heavily chlorinated to get bacteria down.  Chlorines bad for fish.  An hour and a half alter I realized what I had done and rushed to fix the problem.  We caught 5 of the fish and put them in another tank I have (half barrel of Jack Daniels) that was clean water.  Then I went to Wal-Mart and got some water stabilization tabs and bought an air pump to air rate.  When I got back it was too late for 2 of them and two werent looking good. I worked on it until about 3 am but when I woke to take Kaldun to school all the fish were dead.  :(   That was a long story to tell you my fish died, but damnit, they were nice fish!

Other pet realted news: Igasa is becoming a decent dog.  She sits, stays, comes, lays down, and speaks.  She also chews ON EVERYTHING!  Damn dog.

Kaldun started the 1st grade Monday, his teacher seems very nice and requires heavy parent involvement, which is good.  Next monday he starts Cub scouts, which should be fun.  Im looking into assisting with the troop (pack?).

College football starts one week form today!  Woohooo.  Go Hurricane!
I realize I spent three paragraphs on fish, equal time between my boy and a dog, and didnt mention my wife.   Im a horrible person, I know.
- Jesse

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  1. Yeah, how’s Kelli?!

    Sorry about your fish. Always hard to lose pets you’ve become attached to (furry, slimey, scaley, whatever), but at least they had a good life up ’til the end.

    And Kaldun is going to be a Cub scout? Awesome. I would be signing him up for all the cool camping expeditions just so I could go, too! I bet you guys will have a blast together, and it’s never to early to teach him the skills he’ll eventually need for the MDP :0) Wait, or are there any outdoor skills associated with that (beer drinking is NOT a sport!!)?

  2. jesse.fettketherAugust 25, 2006 @ 11:18 am

    Kelli is doing just fine, she has lost her voice as of late for some unknown reason; but other than that fine. She continues her same job and likes it and ahtes it, as everyone in retail seems to. Some excitment the other day though, Alice Cooper came into the store to buy some cloths. Which simply kicks ass. She kidna sorta wants to get a teaching job, but she would take a severe pay cut and we cant afford that at the monet. It has been nice being able to spend more time together since im out of school and have evenings free now, it would be REALLY nice if she worked a 9-5 and we could hang out every night and even on weekends.

    Yep, big time. Kaldun in cub scouts. He really isnt that jazzed about it but since he is way into bugs, sticks, and getting dirty I figure this is perfect. Not to mentoin SOMETHING for him to do. He isnt all tha tinto sports so he just kinda screws off all the time. He really wants to get into music lessons, so I think I will get him in Piano lessons soon.

    And yes, there are tons of skills needed for the MDP. One arm hammer man is my usual productive post. There is also rock stacking. Rock hitting with stick like baseball into lake. Sauna sitting culminating in 50F degree lake jumping. Card palying. A little beer drinking, and sometimes we get around to some fishing. :) We need to get Shawn up there.

    - Jesse

  3. AmeliaAugust 25, 2006 @ 4:09 pm

    Whoa – what did Alice Cooper buy?! Craziness… That tops any of my days at work for excitement for sure!

  4. So Kaldun is joining a Cub Scout pack eh? Sweet! What are you going to do for his pack?

  5. jesse.fettketherSeptember 11, 2006 @ 10:12 pm

    I got suckered into being an assistant pack leader (or some such nonsense). As of yet, I have had to and been asked to do nothing.

    - Jesse

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