Take 2

April 5, 2006

Alright, so I messed around with this a little bit and have discovered a couple of things.  My to do list;

1) Tweak the view so it isnt the same as the default

2) Figure out how, and what to use for posting some pictures

3) Figure out what I want for a name on this thing… and stick with it.

4) Everything else in my life.*

* Not, perhaps, in this order.

 - Jesse

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  1. I’d say the order’s just about right ;-) .

    For really getting to know how to customize WordPress I would suggest trying to get lots of plugins installed. By the time you finish hacking around in your wordpress theme to get the plugins working (and there can be some pretty radical hacking involved), you’ll be comfortable in WordPress.

    I suggest downloading lots of themes upfront, load them up, take a look and then pick one. As mentioned above, to get plugins working, you may have to hack your theme and that makes switching a real bore. Of course, you could try and avoid all plugins that need a theme hack, but that can leave with very few choices.

    Hope you have fun messing round in your blog!

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