Pictures, soon.

November 3, 2006

I am taking a small break from naming and labeling pictures to inform you all that I am naming and labeling pictures.  I keep a very organized set ot pictures with folders, dates, captions, and labels so I can search all my photos for whatever I desire. Since I havent done ‘real’ pictures since 1999, this is mandatory instead of having a scrap book or photo album under the coffee table. The only drawback of this takes TIME.  So I am up to August 21st, Kaldun’s first day of 1st grade.

Which means I only have 436 more to go before I get to the 300 family pictures.  The family pictures are a whole ‘nother story, I will post SOMETHING before I bother going over those.

I havent decided what pictures I will post for sure, so if there is eomthing you want to see for sure let me know in a comment or email me.   Kaldusn 7th bday, KC Zoo, Tulsa State Fair, Oktoberfest, Holloween, etc.

Back to the salt mines.
- Jesse

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  1. Please post all of the pictures – Halloween, Kaldun’s 7th birthday, state fair, etc. We miss out on so much!

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