November 20, 2006

The host that I use for this blog and the picture gallery have been getting hit HARD by spam bots. So hard in fact, that the site has been down on and off for a little more than a week now. JD, a good friend and the man that runs the blog, has returned to Tulsa to do some physical upgrades to the servers and see if he cannot fix the problem on a definitive basis. To aid him in this, I have installed Spam Karma 2 on this blog, so if there is any issue in posting a comment, please let me know.

This short quip is just a post ot make sure everything is back up and running, and to let everyone know that this blog isnt dead. I hope to get more pictures up TODAY along with a couple nice posts (backlog). So check back.

Quote of the year:

Kaldun and I got home from a little hike and as he stands on a chair and gives me a squeeze I say:

Jesse – “Whoa boy, you’re getting pretty big! Do you think you will ever be as big as I am?”

Kaldun – “Probably not. But you’re old, you’ll die way before I will.”


- Jesse

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  1. The Kaldun quote – AWESOME. Way to turn a negative into a positive, kiddo!

    See you in a couple days for some serious turkey consumption :0)

  2. I’ve been telling people the Kaldun quote, they all get a kick out of it :-)

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