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November 20, 2006

Alrighty then… I posted some more pictures for all of your viewing pleasure.

First – HAPPY 99TH BIRTHDAY OKLAHOMA! November 16th, 2007 marks the Oklahoma Centennial, 100 years as a state. Tulsa kicked off the year long celebration with a downtown fireworks and lazer light show using the sky scrappers as projection screens, lazer screens, and fireworks platforms. Pretty dang cool, see for yourself in my pictures.

Downrtown Tulsa Fireworks

I posted a couple videos too, but You Tube has many more videos than I.
While I havent caught up all the way yet, I’m getting close. So here we go:

Sue, Louie, Kaldun, Beth and I go to the Kansas City Zoo

Tulsa’s new Linnaeus Teaching Gardens

and the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium

On the slate soon are Kalduns 7th Birthday, the State Fair, Oktoberfest, and HollowZooWeen. Almost caught up I am! There are some random pictures in between I may or may not end up posting. Perhaps I will start a respository for ‘other’ pictures and just dump them in, or not. Blah.

Happy Turkey Day.

- Jesse

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  1. AWESOME photos Jesse! I especially like the panoramas :-) .

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