Happy Holidays

November 29, 2006

Turkey Day went well here in Tulsa.  My relatives from Texas came up to meet my Sister and Borhter-in-law from NM and my parents from IA at my Uncles house just south of Tulsa.  FOr the last few years it has been a regular event and good times are had by all.  I ate way too much food every day including a feeding frenzy at a sea food place to change things up.  Argh, I still feel lathargic from the intake.

On the job front: still nothing to report.  The whole staying at home all day thing was kinda fun for a week or so, but its getting really boring now. I need a job on so many levels ($, future, routine, something to do, contacts). When I left my former employer, there were 6 people that still worked there.  Yesterday I got a call from one with an update on the gossip; now there are 4.  One of the people that quit had been there for 14 years and tendered her two weeks.  She walked out the door without so much as a card for all her years working there, that’s kinda harsh.  I’m guessing by the end of the year it will be down to 3 (which includes the owner and his wife).  Glad to see it wasnt just me.

On a colder note, winter has finally landed in Oklahoma.  It has been in the 60′s and 70′s up to this point, including when I took the boy to school at 8am today (68F).  However, at about 11 a front moved in and brought freezing rain and a drop to 40F.  By night fall we are supposed to be freezing and a winter weather adivsory is in effect.  So Im sitting here having the ‘I should have done that when it was warmer’ moment (put lights up, finish painting the dog house, clean garage). Oh well, I suppose I will never learn – it ’tis the season.

It is also the season for Kelli to work retarded hours.  She has worked three back-to-back-to-back 12+ hour over nighters ending this AM.  So as I putz aorund the house all day she sleeps, then she gets up and heads to work.  It sucks, but I guess someone has to make the money around here.  She still likes her job, but the odd hours are really started to wear down on her (which is another good reason for me ot get a job, so she can take a teaching job).

Well, I heard the microwave go DING!  Which means (I feel the need to interject, the damn dogs come and try to get attention by licking my hands as I type.  Have you ever tried to type while having your hands licked by a 70lb dog?  Not easy.), which means $2 frozen meal is ready to go.  Tonight Kelli and I are heading to the neighborhood pub for a drink if we can get someone to watch the boy, so I’ll post more and maybe some pics some othertime.

- Jesse

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  1. Hey, Jess – since it’s a toasty 40 degree day and we’re just now putting up the outdoor holiday stuff and raking yet more leaves, I hear ya on the “should’ve done it while it was nice out” thing!! But it’s all part of the fun of the Griswald family Christmas :0)

    Good times at Thanksgiving… I also ate way too much, but would still be finding room for more turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie if it was around!

    Hope Santa brings you a boost on the job front; it’ll happen eventually.

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