Employed-ish again

December 8, 2006

I got a call on Wed. afternoon asking if I would like to work that evening, so I did. So I am now traveling around the region doing contract work for a local firm. The pay is OK and the job is just fine, I wouldnt want it for a long term career, but for now its a nice change of pace. Plus, I get to finally visit all the small towns around here that I hear about and have never been near. Which is good, I suppose. I have 25 hours in and 650 miles since that Wed. afternoon call, so Im making up for my slack-assing.

As forshadowed by my previous post we suffered some serious winter weather a week back. 10″ of snow! In Tulsa that’s insane. Some reports said it was the largest snowfall in 25 years. So I made the most of it and went skiing! The first night Kevin and I skiied to the neighborhood pub and the next day I went off around town. I got some serious strange look while skiing around Tulsa (I had 2 people ask to take my picture). While it was around, I pushed 9 vehicles out of the snow (including 2 4×4′s); so I have my good deeds in for a while. Which is good. We are back into the 50′s now during the day so we lost most of the snow, but I have the picture to prove it!

In other picture related news, I got posted:

Kaldun’s 7th Birthday Pic’s , which show how far behind I am, and

Some fishing pictures from at mark’s pond with the Fettkether and Kornegay men folk.

Happy Birthday to me. I’m edging closer to the big 3-0. Another year… something something. Argh, Im tired so I think the couch is calling my name.

- Jesse

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  1. I wish Minnesota would get some much needed snow. We’ve received less than 1/8 of an inch of snow from that ‘storm’. To the south of us, and the north there is, or was snow, but in this middle area around the Twin Cities there is a absolute void of snow. It’s nice to know you enjoyed the snow, as most here would just complain about it, even though we are supposed to have 4″ sitting on the ground by now.

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