Christmas is over

December 26, 2006

That’s it, all the presents have been opened and all the ham consumed.  Game over.  But all went well!

The Fettkether clan spent Xmas eve and Xmas at my uncle Mark’s house just South of Tulsa and a good itme was had by all.  Eve was spent with just Mark, Tim, and Joan (pronounce, for unknown reasons, Jo-Anne) and Xmas day was spent with much of Tim’s family.  It was a long day to be sure, but everything went smooth; the food was good, the company interesting, and the libations plentiful!

On the gift list we all got many interesting items this year.  Kaldun got a few toys but got more books and clothes than anything (whew).  Kelli and I traded books and clothes as usual and landed some most excellent presents from family.  I would try to list them all, but Im sure I would leave someone out and then there would be a whole thing… so I wont.  :)

Kelli has a few weeks of chaos left before things are back to normal, which will be about the time my job hunt ramps up to full speed again.  For anyone in the job market, or entering, or whatever… be advised, the holidays are a crappy time to look for a job.  Yep.

In the meantime, I will continue my addiction to Age of Empires III (Stupid Game!), try to re-integrate the house, working part-time, and continue to drink and be merry.

As always, pictures soonish.

- Jesse

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