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January 4, 2007

On my way home from work today I was driving down Harvard here in Tulsa, a four lane right of way type street. As i appraoched an onramp to the freeway a blue hatchback drove up beside me. At first I thought it was someone I knew but I couldnt tell so I rolled down my window figuring they wanted to tell me something. At about that time the driver held up an silver automatic pistol with a larger bore as his passenger leaned forward to see, I immediately slow down. At which point he came to a stop, leaned out the window and began shooting into my car as I drove by. Before I could react he floored it and got on the freeway. I called 911 and drove home with my car smelling like gun powder.

The car was a shitty blue hatchback with one of those retarded large mufflers on it. The driver was 16-24 years old, white, with a baseball hat on backwards. I dont remember anythng about the passenger except that he had a large coat on. Nor do I recall what hat or clothes the driver was wearing. The police blocked off the off ramps in the direction he traveled but didnt find a vehicle matching that description (he probably got off on the first ramp and went elsewhere). The police just left here and didnt have much to say. 1) they planned on scaring some commuter at that point with easy access to the freeway, 2) road rage, or 3) they mistook my vehicle for someone else.

In hindsite, I wish I would have gotten his plate number. But that would have entailed chasing him down the freeway. In hindsite, I still kind of wish I would have done that. It would be an absolute pleasure to get the plate # and report this man, and then sue him for assault, take his shitty little hatchback, and destroy it. I’m sure the courts would say he was just a kid and give him community service along with my address anyway.

But now I have a good reason to get a carry permit.

- Jesse

p.s. To those several of you that inquired: no, I’m not joking.

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  1. Jeez… I’m still not sure what to say on this one… What would possess somebody to actually shoot at a complete stranger while driving? Do these dumb!@%*s not realize they can ruin real lives while they’re out playing gangster? Complete craziness. But glad you’re OK!!

  2. Silly Iowaoin, that’s just how we say “hello” here in Oklahoma. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken my gun out and shot wildly at a stranger I didn’t know just so I could make a new friend. In fact that is how I met my wife. (I still have bullet holes in my driver side door in the form of a heart, she has awsome aim.) So, don’t be such an asshole and call the cops, just pop your head out the window and wave. You just made a new Oklahoma buddy. -Shane

  3. I’m glad they were poor shots Jesse!

    PS As per Shane’s comment, here in Missouri we do the same, except with shotguns. You just have to hope that any “new friends” you meet remember to use bird shot and not slugs… ;-)

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