On the road again

January 23, 2007

The sun is shining and the ice has melted here in Oklahoma.  There is still ice around that is frozen in the morning; the dreaded black ice.  Aside from that, the biggest problem in getting around is the MASSIVE Nissan gobbling pot holes.  I assume a massive ice storm such as this coupled with weeks of freezing weather and snow plows digs up every pot hole that has been patched in the last 5 years.  Dirving down some streets more closely resembles a downhill slolem than a commute.  The news reports are saying that many people are damaging their rims (I like to imagine it is truck owners who think their vehicles ‘are made for sh!t like this’).  Slow and steady…

So thing have calmed down.  Over the weekend Kelli and I ditched the boy went out to eat with another couple and then went to the Tulsa basketball game.  Though Tulsa lost after missing the game winning shot as the buzzer sounded, it was a good game.  Massive improvement over last years team but still a long way to go.

Kelli has been working over night for the past week or so.  Guess they are changing over to spring crap already?  Its no fun though, she got home today just in time to waive us off for the day.  Last night was her last over night for a while, though she has to go to Dallas this weekend (life’s to short to live in Dallas).

Kaldun is back in school now!  After a solid week off he went to schol yesterday and almost made it home without getting in trouble, almost.  He also lost one of his front teeth at school yesterday (after having it knocked loose when Kelli and I were at the TU game by playing with ‘some other kid’ at the daycare center).  The tooth fairy rewarded him with a dollar coin, as is the custom now.  Damn inflation.

Otherwise all is well in the world.  I’m afraid my recent addiction to the RTS game Age of Empires 3 has put a real damper on my picture posting.  You can kick me next time you see me.

- Jesse

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  1. I am just waiting to see the news report “child starves as father is engrossed in computer game” ;-)

    Not really. I know you and the boy fend for yourselves even when you are engrossed in fun diversions.

  2. PS Tulsa has terrible roads. Thankfully, the people (like Jesse) make it a cool place to live.

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