Night at the Museum

February 3, 2007

My mom has been in town now for a couple of weeks and we have been spending time together pretty often.  She has had Kaldun spend the night a few times, we took her to a Tulsa basketball game, and today we went to the movies.  We saw the movie “Night at the Museum” and I highly recommend it.  Witty, fun, and appropriate for all ages.  I’ll be acquiring it when it comes out to be sure.

In other news:  its been COLD here.  The weather has followed my mother and its been below freezing since she got here.  i blame her personally.

Otherwise I just wanted to check in and say hi.  There is more to report but I have to get back to my mother visiting.

- Jesse

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  1. Eric ThogersonFebruary 10, 2007 @ 7:09 pm

    whats up just found you on here and was wondering what you were up to!

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