May 1, 2007

Alright, I will try better to AT LEAST keep up on the blogging.  I really want to get the picture updated and have been trying, but I admit I have failed miserably.  Admitting you failed is the first step something something…

Aside from slacking  off on this blog I have been keeping busy.  Doing exactly what I am not sure.  As the weather gets nicer outside we have been spending more time in the yard, at parks, and around town.  This weekend Kevin, Noah, Kaldun and I (along with Kevins dog) went fishing upriver from Lake Keystone in this general area.  Other than not being able to find the ramp we wanted, one cylinder cutting out on the boat, getting knee deep in mud, horribly sunburned, running the boat onto a sandbar at about 20 mph (they reduced the lake level 6 inches damn it)  and not catching any fish everything went well.  Actually, it wasnt a bad day on the lake, clearly it could have been better but…

Then on Sunday Kelli, Kaldun and I spent the entire day redoing our garden.  We weeded, replaced the fencing (dog proof now, we hope) and expanded it to include an additional plot of wasted space in the back corner for tomato plants (some fungus infected the soil at their original location).  Coupled with buying and planting 5 tomato plants, 8 pepper plant, chives and strawberries as well as preparing beds for cilantro and more onions it used up the entire day.  Serious salsa should ensue.

Rainy days have come to Tulsa to stay for the rest of the week… so the office seems a but gloomy.  Speaking of offices, I had better get back to work.

- Jesse

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  1. Hola Jesse! Good to see you posting :-)

    I’m glad you and the family are getting outside alot. I bet those are fun times!

  2. Did you actually succeed in dog proofing your garden?!

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