5-5, at 5:55

May 7, 2007

Another good weekend at the Fettkether house. Kelli, Kaldun, the dogs and I went to the river parks again this Friday for some relaxation and music.  Nothing too eventful.  We headed home fairly early and then caught a movie.

Saturday we  spent the AM cleaning up the house.  We took all the furniture out of the dining and living rooms and cleaned really well.  We decided to hold off of carpet cleaning since in the rainy spring its kind of senseless as the dogs clearly are intent on destroying our carpet.  Being Cinco de Mayo we headed for Mexican for lunch.

That evening we went to the TACGallery for their “5″ show.  It is every fifth day of the fifth month at 5:55.  It costs $5 to get in and everything on display is 5×5 and costs $55.  We decided to start a collection and bought three pieces – they are on display until the end of the month so I’ll post pics when we take possession.  I would say 75% of the 300 or so works sold within the first 1 or 2.  We missed out of 2 that we really liked, but ended up with interesting ones (IMHO anyway).

Yesterday was more catchup at home.  I planted a couple more items in the garden and did some fence work (pungee sticks to make it so the dogs cannot comfortable jump the fence anywhere.  Not sharp sticks, just squared stakes but it should work).  I also repaired some siding the dogs (Igasa) destroyed and helped Tim VanMeter move a refrigerator.   A productive day to be sure.  Sorry there are no exciting stories, but there’s what’s going on in Tulsa.

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