Let the Sunshine Thru

May 14, 2007

After two weeks of rain totally nearly 9″ we had a break over the weekend!  My poor garden drown in places, my dogs are a muddy mess, and the backyard is a disaster as a result.  The reservoir up stream is 10 feet over normal levels, last year it was DOWN 8 feet… craziness.   Oh well, it cant rain all the time.

So with the great weather over the weekend I spent a lot of time outside.  I did some more garden work, assembled a glider swing for Kelli’s mother’s day present, and then we grilled out last night.  Mmmm, steak and morales.  Kelli had to work half of mother’s day, so I made up with it with a triple gift pack of a pre-order of the Harry Potter book, the swing, and a hand-made card (which counts as a gift if its hand made I say!).
IN other non-news, I finished Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde last week, a A Soldier’s Story: Vietnam In Their Own Words this week, and have begun The Invisible Man.  Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde was a decent book.  I new the basic story and often referenced the notion, but had never read it.  It is a hard read in that its written in an industrial revolution dialect with some sayings and words that are not that familiar, but it is not overly burdensome.  Likewise, at 100 pages or so its not too long.  It was an OK read, but I found it hard to keep going since I already knew the ending.

A Soldier’s Story is just that, stories from individuals that were there.  It is organized by event (the Air War, Fall of Saigon, Evacuation, etc.) and there are 5 or 6 stories in each.  Each individual story is 2 to 5 pages long and includes unknown privates, generals, and even John McCain.  An interesting read, but not something you will just sit down and read like a novel.  Good for quick read situations where you want to kill 5 or 10 minutes (on a commute maybe?).

So far Invisible Man has got me hooked.  It appears overly descriptive or analytical sometimes, I’m only 70 pages in.  The basic premise the life and thoughts of a black man a generation out from emancipation.  A Full mini-report when its done.

Not sure what spurred the book reports.  But there they are!  I need to get an entire section together with recommended readings and  movie reviews.  Sounds like fun (and another thing I will probably never actually do).

- Jesse

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  1. AmeliaMay 14, 2007 @ 1:39 pm

    I appreciate the book reports since I’m always looking for interesting stuff to read! The Invisible Man definitely sounds like one to check out based on the premise… I’ll come back to see how it turns out. I just finished “The Normals”, a novel by David Gilbert that follows a guy who is part of the “normal” test group for an anti-psychotic drug trial. Well-written and kept my attention, but I’m still trying to sort out what I thought of the ending.

    Yay to sunshine! We spent a lot of the weekend in the yard, too, pruning trees and working on the sprinkler system. Not the most exciting, but this time of year I’m just happy to be outside :0)

  2. I am looking forward to the mini-report on Invisible Man!

    Right now I am reading Chasing Life and it is muy bueno so far :-)

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