You look like a f**king lizard!

May 16, 2007

Al Pacino quote from Scar Face, I hope you caught it.  If not, watch the movie again…

I ate lunch at work today but since it was so nice out I wondered around the yard a bit.  In the back of the yard under a pile of steel there was a whole family of lizards!  Two little brown ones bolted out first, may 6″.  I tried to track them down but they went under a chain link fence and I was unable to follow.  I wandered off and upon my return another (or one of the same) little brown one froze, and then bolt towards the fence.  Before I went in I saw a large (for a Gecko like lizard anyway, maybe 10″) bright green one that went running in the same direction.

I want to catch one and give him to Kaldun.  I would probably of made Kaldun let the little sucker go after show and tell on Friday, but perhaps not.  Kaldun has a mean habit of neglecting/playing with to death fish, hermit crabs, and ant farms.  I think he tries, but it just doesnt end well.  Anyway, on the lizard front I will have to keep my eyes to the ground from now on at work.

On the non-lizard front nothing too exciting has been going on.   We have had 4 perfect days in Tulsa now and more are to come.  The garden isn’t going to drown (not all of it, looks like 2 more pepper plants are deciding) and the dogs can come in without a bath now.  Otherwise, Kelli, Kaldun and I have been enjoying the nice weather in the evenings and not much else really.

On the American Idol front (I admit to watching it, damnit) Blake or Doolittle.  I’d be happy with either, but I’m calling it for Dolittle.

That’s all the fronts I have to report on.  It seems people like talking or reading about books so perhaps I will work on writing up my library.  I should probably have a listing of books/movies sitting around anyway so guests or whatever can see what to barrow.  So there is another goal… which I am slacking on BIG TIME.

- Jesse

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  1. AmeliaMay 17, 2007 @ 3:57 pm

    Speaking of slacking, whatever happened to posting photos (::nudge, nudge, hint, hint::)?

    And since you’re fessing up to an embarrassing reality TV habit, I’ll admit that I watched the finale of “America’s Next Top Model” last night – and enjoyed it :0)

  2. I’m glad to hear you didn’t wash away, with all of the rain! If it gets too dry, don’t worry, I’ll be back soon so the rain will follow!

  3. If I were a lizard, I would be running too. I remember how enthusiastic Kaldun is with anything that is exciting :-) Tell the boy hi for me please.

    Speaking of exciting, I have been wearing my >a href=””>Midwest Crane Services t-shirt as often a possible. Thanks Jesse!

  4. Woot! I figured you would be big fan of the T-Shirt. With the “farm work” and all you can always use more around the house clothes. I figured your Drury Intermural gear was getting worn out. :)

    Yes, I know I’m slacking with the Photos. Its on my list, I swear! I will take pictures tonight and post them tomorrow. I should be going to Tae Kwon Doe with Kaldun, baseball game with the dogs, and fishing in the AM – lots of good pics if all goes to plan. I think my problem is that I want to ‘catch’ up and stopped posting new pictures while I was trying to.

    and no, no I did not wash away. Rain has been slight the last week and the weekend is clear!

    Back to the salt mines.

    - Jesse

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