Fun filled weekend

May 21, 2007

This weekend I was able to get a ton of productive stuff taken care of and get plenty of leisure activities in as well. The best part… I TOOK PICTURES of the leisure activities and spent last night posting them.

Kaldun at Tae Kwon Do The weekend started on Friday Night with Kaldun to Tae Kwon Do. As you can see, he is a fearsome force. He seems to enjoy it but with only two lessons under his (white) belt and dad sitting there both times – its a little akward. He has lessons Monday, Wed, and Friday; which seems like a lot to me but I was told if you want to see any improvement/bennfit it has to be at least 2x a week. He has another lesson today at 6pm and it will be a drop and go afair. Its about 5 blocks from our house so I can come home and get some work done while he is doing his thing.

I hope he sticks with it, after 2 free lessons you have to sign a 6 month contract at $100 a month. Assuming he enjoys it and burns some energy – money well spent. NOw we have to find a summer program for him, dang summer all sneaking up on us. Click the image to pop a larger picture and others if you so desire.

The evening continued with “Bark in the Park.” You can take your dog(s) to the baseball game for a donation to the Humane Society. Always a good time. We have been having perfect weather lately so any excuse to get outside on an evening is welcome. When they get there, the dogs just kind of take it in stride. We take them all over the place so they are pretty used to it. After getting over hear mortal fear of aluminium stairs Igasa just plopped down and was fine (other than an investigation into 150+ pound hairball that went south). Bacchus feels the need to stay alert and, well, I’m not sure what. But he stays alert the entire time. The highlight of the night was the Zooperstars, which put on little shows between innings in giant blueup suits. Dang funny stuff.

Bacchus at Driller's Game

That pretty well did us in for the evening if I remember correctly. In any event, I had to get to sleep so I could get up early and catch all the fish in Lake Keystone. A couple law school buddies and I met at 5:30 to hit the lake – surely the bass would be jumping into the boat for such a hary group of fishermen. Boat hitched, and to the lake by 6:00; only to hear that the ramp we aimed for was closed to do high water. Undeterred we trotted to the ramp in the state park that is too often a wait-in-line affair, but were amazed to find 2 lonely boat trailers.

Again undeterred by everyone else’s ignorance of the fine fishing that lay ahead we put in the water, started her up on the first turn, picked the trailer man up at the dock and headed off (started here). Knowing exactly where the fish were we confidently motored North and then West around the point to a little area just off of a private launch. There we rapidly caught our first, and only, fish of the day. The picture at left was taken where the beach should be on the scalpel shaped spit of land seen here. The lake was up some 12 feet and apparently that throws off the fish.

None the less, a good time was had on the lake. We ended up near Appalachia bay where we found a swamped paddle boat. For pictures of that, the only other boat we saw on the lake (sail boat), and general snapshots of the day see the entire gallery. Heck, I even caught a pair of lizards for Kaldun (Northern Prairie Lizards named Godzilla and Tae Kwon Do-do).

After returning home from fishing I did some much needed work around the house (replaced bathroom facet, fixed some siding issues caused by the damn dogs, and never ending garden work) and then we headed off to Mayfest and the Blue Dome Arts Festival. Over all the weekend saw nearly 400,000 people in downtown Tulsa for art, music, food and good times. We didnt get to enjoy as much as we had liked as apparently large outdoor art shows are not fun for 7 year olds. Nonetheless, I took pictures of both as we trucked along. Here are pictures from Mayfest, and here are the ones from the Blue Dome Arts Festival (about 5 blocks away, Blue Dome is a much more ‘earthy’ gathering with more street performers than bands).

Kelli went out on Saturday night to a bday party and I was pretty well spent from my early fishing adventures. Sunday was spent eating at the park, mowing the lawn, and spending the evening (and most the night) at Mark’s for some fine food and wine (with the dogs). No pictures from Sunday I’m afraid, but if I didnt post enough pictures for you to at least START making up my slackness then I dont know what I can do. Then I went home and diligently worked on getting pictures uploaded for my adoring masses (like 5 people). And that brings us to now, I gotta get to work.

Parting gift: A bluegrass band playing in the Blue Dome District.

- Jesse

ps. I have been having some issues with pictures loading, let me know if this is an issue for others please.

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  1. I too hope the boy decides to stick with Tae Kwon Do, though I may have to have Kaldun teach me some (so he doesn’t start beating you and me up in a couple years ;-) )

    I like the photos, especially this one of the misses and the boy.

  2. AmeliaMay 21, 2007 @ 2:49 pm

    Great photos, Jesse! You guys (and gal… and dogs!) look like you’re having a blast.

  3. It’s about time you posted what’s going on in your life! I really enjoyed reading and seeing your activities. Thanks for posting them! I wish I knew how, but I would probably only have pictures of cats to share.

  4. Yes, he’ll need to attend Tae Kwon-Do at least twice a week in order to remember anything he learns…or, more importantly, to be able to develop any of the muscle memory that he’ll eventually rely upon.

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