Gone Campin’

March 3, 2008

February is over! Thank the gods. I am giving up something each month this year just for the hell of it. I went with no pop in January and no alcohol in February (which I promptly reintroduced to my system on the 1st). March is no fast food month.

Fisrt flower of springOver last weekend Kaldun and I grabbed the dog, filled the car, and headed to Okmulgee State Park which is only an hour and a half south of Tulsa. The three of us (Bacchus was there, Igasa is a bit too wild) enjoyed a couple of 70+ degree days and 55 degree nights. Kevin and his son Noah met us down there on Saturday afternoon to head to the shooting range, cook on a camp fire, and drown a few worms.

Kevin and I each grabbed portions of our arsenals to teach the kids firearm safety/show off how cool the dads’ are to theKaldin shooting a .22 wee-ones (lest they forget). We brought a pair of AK-47s, a 12 gauge, a .40 S&W and a .22 long rifle with enough ammo to qualify as real Senator Inhofe electing Oklahomans. I have been drilling Kaldun on the basics for some time (never point a toy gun at people, always point at what your shooting at, trigger on the finer only if you intend to fire, you kill it – get your knife because you’re eating it) so it went pretty smoothly. after a brief rundown of the standard rules (safety on, don’t touch unless your firing, firing line reminders, never go down range, check your and others ears before firing etc.) one kid got to take the empty rifle and show us he listened. He then got one round and if he fired it following all the rules he got another… until we were comfortable enough to let them shoot series of rounds at a time.

And they did well. Kaldun had to go sit in the car once for touching the gun when he wasn’t firing (literally touching, but this was not the time ot be lenient with the rules) and they both would just set the gun on the ground when they were out of bullets… but otherwise they did very well. Ok, Noah did start to check down the barrel when he was out of ammo but his dad was all over that situation.

Kaldun was a relative ace with the 22. He had never shot even a BB gun before and he averaged 4/10 shooting clays at ~40 yards. He enjoyed shooting the .40 but the gun itself was a bit heavy and since he was never allowed more than 1 in the chamber it wasn’t as much fun (laying down you can’t drop a rifle and accidentally shoot someone, with a pistol you could). He even got to squeeze off a single round from the AK with significant help. When he saw me shooting trap he wanted to try the 12 gauge but I convinced him that might not be a good idea and they ran off to have a mud fight well behind the scenes.

Kaldun the fishermenWe drown some worms (no fish), burned some logs, and offed a few beers (it was March 1st, not February any longer!) before climbing into the sack on a clear and Chilly night. Kaldun was fine the whole time (but-for a little excessive fire playing ::insert my moms snicker here ::) and Bacchus was a model camping dog catching 2 Racoons trying to sneak into our camp, a deer off in the distance, and a park ranger coming for fees (each greeted with a low growl alerting me to their presence, not a chomp). Otherwise I think we saw MAYBE a dozen other people all weekend. Good times had by all.

The rest of the images for the camping trip can be sen here.

- Jesse

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  1. You were right on top of this one Jesse. It’s only Wednesday. Way to go. I appreciate seeing the pictures and hearing what’s going on. Reminds me of how you liked to shoot cans for hours out the farm when you were a kid. Tell Kaldun I’ll give him a call soon. Dad

  2. Sounds like a good time Jesse! I enjoyed seeing the photos :-)

  3. Justin HarringaMarch 19, 2008 @ 9:45 pm

    You seem confused about the pictures.? The comments all have question marks at the end of them.?

    Good pictures.?

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