Screwed in France!

March 10, 2008

Argh! I’ve been screwed in France of all places.

I’m good at security. I shred all documents that have anything on them. I review my statements. I only have 2 credit cards. I use PayPal online whenever possible. I don’t do fly by night transactions and whenever possible I use Discover Card. But when they don’t take discover I use my debit card.

However, I am not very good at checking my accounts. I will look once during the month and then go over my actual statements at the end of the month. But today I happened to check and see if a deposit at an ATM had been posted, and I see strange POS transactions pending on my debit card. A quick call to Kelli and she had no idea either. All today:
MES L3 ADUP $17.04
MARIOAUD $194.39
France Telecom $23.40
Rel. CEDRE $41.15
MAXIMS $10.90
RELAIS H $54.66
RELAIS H $35.78
RELAIS H $38.39
. . .
and so on. I’m not in France. I have an ATT phone. I don’t know what that other crap is!

I called my bank and asked them what was going on . The point of sale for all that was FRANCE. Again, I’m not in France. They canceled my card immediately. But, here is what’s strange, even though they are “pending” and I still have my money – they have it frozen and are obligated to release it! It’s my money!!! Screw that. I have to wait and “contest” the charges once they actual post and they take my damn money. The worst part is the bastard was spending Euros and I have to suffer not only a poor exchange rate, but cover the conversaion charges. DEATH. The lady on the phone said it should not be an issue contesting this and I had her put a note in saying I caught it INSTANTLY, even as charges were being made.

The last charge on that card was on a government website. Before that it goes way back, so who knows.

On a happier note I got tickets to Phantom of the Opera today (on a different card).

Also, as a point of clarification: my no fast food pledge does not mean “eat healthy,” just no fast good. Arby’s, BK, McDonalds and the like.

Too irritated to really post anything else. Stupid Frenchmen.

- Jesse

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  1. AmeliaMarch 10, 2008 @ 7:06 pm

    Ugh – that completely sucks! We had a dude somehow use our Discover card to charge a bunch of XXL items at awhile back… He even had the wit to send some of them with gift messages to family (which we saw when looking at the detailed charges after the fact)! After convincing Discover that we’re not quite in extra large turf and have no relatives named “Buzz”, we got all the charges dropped… Still, not a fun experience.

    Good luck (or maybe I should say “bonne chance”?)!

    Oh, and loving the return of photos and the description of the camping trip, too. I wrote a big long comment last week, but it somehow never made it so this is all you get :0)

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