Pizza for $10 Canadian

February 4, 2009

So Kelli and I went with a friend to The Colony, a little bar down the street.  There was a pretty cool blue grass band playing.  Banjo, stand up bass and 2 guitars.   Pretty fun to listen to.  So we sat back, had a few beers, and made fun of people as they walked by.

At some point a pizza guy came in trying to sell pizzas for cash to bar patrons.  No one in our little group had cash, no American cash anyway.  I have carried a $10 Canadian bill with me since I got it for change at a Walgreen in Virginia Minnesota (Southern Canada, bascially).  So I haggled with the man and eventually exchanged $10 Canadian for a medium pizza.  And it was good too.

And that’s the only remotely exciting thing that has happened.  So no NEW pictures.  But I have some pictures from Christmas 2008.  Christmas eve at our house, Christmas day at Mark’s.  I scored a floating bobber/cooler that I am trying to figure out how to get to Canada for the fishing trip.  Kelli got a long sought after UNI sweatshirt and Kaldun got the mother load, as always.   Slippers, a robe, a new rifle!  The kid got it all.

 It has continued to be moderately cold here, 50′s during the day but freezing at night.   I’ve been using the cold lager some beer, hope it turns out well.  We are supposed to turn the corner into warmer weather tomorrow and hit the 70′s this weekend.   I’m looking forward to that for sure!

JD (webmaster) tells  me he can upgrade to a new snazzy version that should run faster.   So I also have that to look forward to, which is nice.  For now, I have better go pick Kaldun up from Tae Kwon Do.    Anyone realize this blog is back up yet?

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  1. Sweet… somebody who is even more of a blog slacker than I!! But I love the new commentary and pics now that they’re up. So the dino show was cool? I got to admit I feared for the adults present after hearing the horrors of “My Little Pony Live”.

  2. Nice work on using your Canadian dough to get some Italian dough, hee.

    I still vividly recall the difficulty that Tulsa pizza places have with the last name F-E-T-T-K-E-T-H-E-R.


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