Learning to Paint.

February 15, 2009

So we wanted to do something different today.  It was cold out (relatively), so preferably something indoors.  We kicked around some ideas and finally decided today was the day the Fettkether’s took up painting.

Step 1:  Find somewhere that sells art supplies . There are 3 really good art supply stores in Tulsa, none of which are open on Sundays.   So Michael’s it was. Which was OK, since there was a 50% off coupon for the store today.  Then we learned all fine are supplies were 25% off… so we couldn’t get the 50%.   Scam!

Step 2: Find out how to paint.   We headed to the Central Library and grabbed a handful of books,a  couple movies, and threw a penny in the fountain for luck.  Bases covered.

Step 3:  Stop at QT for caffeine. It’ nearly 1pm and Kelli nor I had any caffeine, that kind of trangsression simply will not stand.

Step 4:  Watch video.

Step 5: Decide the videos that were available were not helpful.  The 4 other ones that were checked out and prechecked out were probably the ones you wanted.  Decide to rely on the books and the aforementioned penny luck.

Step 6:  Paint. The following are our efforts basically flying blind with acrylic paints.  As hard, or as easy, as it may be to believe – no one has actually ever painted before.  We spent $50 and will have paint and canvas for a very long time. And here are the first round of results:

Jesse’s first full picture From Learning to Paint.
The culmination of Jesse’s day.  From Learning to Paint

I did pretty good. Learned some things (like I can’t paint, and painting backgrounds first is important). Everything you see is of course for sale. :) As I worked on making things up Bob Ross style (he did oil, FYI), Kelli worked on recreating things she saw and actual studies from painting books:

From Learning to Paint
Ha!  Really good be in one of those books. From Learning to Paint
This started off as an effort to waste paint. From Learning to Paint

Kaldun started off strong then lost interest only to come back to it. I must admit his early attempts were his best, all of the following are from the first session. His latter session might well sell for millions at the Guggenheim but don’t make for good internet art.

Dragon in still life.  I was surprised it wasn’t toasting a knight. From Learning to Paint
Aquarium to the left.  Hill and stream to the right. From Learning to Paint


So there you have it. It’s good to know we harbor at least as much artistic talent as the elephants at the zoo. Soon we will rival the monkeys. After conquering the lower primates we will reevaluate our current occupations.

- Jesse

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  1. Very cool Jesse, the entire family did great! The one with the trees and flowers is gorgeous. I always like it when you guys come up with cool and unique activities.

    PS I miss the Tulsa Library system :-( Ohh well, at least I have the intertubes :-) .

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