First Job!

March 25, 2009

Kaldun haggled his way into his first job.

Over the weekend a neighbor was tearing out his east side fence and replacing it with a low picket fence to put in a garden.  I grabbed a beer and went over to supervise.  Serious neighborhood businesses.

He has dogs in his backyard so just putting a garden in his backyard would lead to it’s destruction.  I told him about my elaborate fence scheme (Grandpa Irv like) to keep my dogs out and shared various garden tips.  At this point he went back to pickup something or other from his shed and stepped in a wonderfully aged pile of dog business.  Which led to a discussion of such things and my revelation that the primary reason our yard stays clean is picking up dog poop is an excellent punishment for the boy .

On cue Kaldun comes walking over.

My neighbor, realizing an opportunity, asks him point blank if he wants a job.  To which he cautiously replies “well, yeah.”  After explaining the task they began to haggle on the price.  Kaldun boldly opened the bidding at $2.30 per day (how he came to that number, I have no idea) with service on non Tae Kwon Do days.  Eventually the matter was settled.

So Kaldun has a job cleaning up after 2 labs in the neighborhood.  Once a week yard cleaning for $10.

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Also, a thank you is in order for the host of this website.  Mr. Hodges has improved some of the background items on the webserver.  Should be faster, smoother, and the tools available are more colorful if nothing else (I know of nothing else at this point).

Thank you sir.

- Jesse

ps. Kelli has worked a ton, San Diego pictures still forthcoming.

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  1. Sounds like he’s turned the tide on the whole punishment thing. Pretty soon he’ll be sending you a bill for his services ;-) !

  2. I usually start at $2.30 myself, it’s not offensive but it’s not too low-ball either ;-) .

  3. Also…your neighbor really doesn’t understand the concept of haggling….Kaldon totally took advantage of him!

  4. Oh no. The Boy already tries to haggle on punishments, as well as his regular chores. We actually work him a good bit. I’ll do a post on his chores when this evening . . . but he has a good number of chores.

    He often tries to haggle for rewards for doing his expected chores. If he falls short of a goal (ie. if he gets a 4/5 at school he gets to play video games at night, a 3 [average grade] doesn’t cut it), he will haggle with chores to try and get his privilege back. The kid likes to haggle and he can be bribed. Not sure how I feel about that. :)

    And yes, Kaldun totally robbed the guy in the negotiations. Well, either that or the neighbor didn’t feel like taking advantage of a 9 year old. Could go either way. But I spoke with the neighbor to make sure he holds the boys feet to the fire. Half-assing a chore at home is one thing, but if you are getting paid for a job you should definitely have your feet held to the fire.

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