April 9, 2006

I got a decent looking photo gallery up and running now. All the content isnt there, actually, there is very little content there, and some bugs to work out. In fact, here is the short to do list:

1) Find a good movie interface that works with it

2) Add captions to day 6

3) Figure out IE compatibility issues (captions do not display corectly all the time, stupid IE)

4) Add captions to video (lost keywords and captions when I converted from MOV to DIVX… a 66% reduction!)

5) Add content, TU Golf outting to start with

6) What to do with Kaldun’s pictures? The boy has his own camera… but I dont really want to make his own album. Maybe a subdirectory or something?

7) hide comments unless you CHOSE to display them.  Keeping it minimalist.

ANYWAY, you can see my fabulous new photogallery here:

Back to real work.

- Jesse

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  1. Photo galleries are tricky things, so congrats…I usually get mine up and running, and then end up changing the theme on my site and it effs with the photogallery…I really like the way you set yours up tho. Kudos :) .

  2. jesse.fettketherApril 25, 2006 @ 7:39 pm

    Thank you very much Bevin. I have become mildly technologically impaired so I am rather proud of myself. :)

    More photo’s going up all the time too!

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