Spring hiking

April 4, 2009

We go hiking a lot.  Nothing real serious, just an excuse to get outside when it is nice.  Couple weeks ago, it was nice so we headed off to Redbud just north of town.  It hit 80F that day so we quickly shed our sweatshirts.

From 2009-04-04
From 2009-04-04
My New Desktop:   From 2009-04-04

Little did we know that the weather was getting ready to beat us up the next weekend. Stupid Oklahoma weather. More on that later this weekend.

In other news, Mooshu has gone feral. He’s getting pretty big and is well taken care of . . . BUT Kaldun has not been handling him enough. The sucker bit me! It feels like putting a chip clip on the end of your finger. More shocking than painful.

So we’ve been making an effort to handle him more lately. Of course, to get Kaldun to do so we have been playing with in in various capacities. Kaldun’s favorite Mooshu game is Godzilla – Mooshu vs plastic soldiers. Required: 1 bearded dragon, plastic army men, crickets to be released to entice ‘attack’ and viola:

From 2009-04-04

Though to be honest, we have reason to doubt the intelligence of the creature, he does the following over and over and over . . .

[Youtube video will go here. I learned that Picasa can not edit Quicktime files, which is what most cameras take movies in. Which is nice.

I also learned that http://www.erightsoft.com/home.html has the WORST website to download things I've ever seen. Supposedly the best video encoder out there is "SUPER", it takes 8 ads, 4 different webpages proclaiming "download now" and a ton of junk to find the stupid link. Screw those guys. The hotlink to download the editor after all of that is:
Seriously, try navigating to that link from the home page knowing you want to download freeware SUPER. ARGH!

I'll post the video later.]

Amelia and Liam visited last week (after harrowing all sorts of fun with airlines), Beth is here this week, mom (Sue) has been here the whole time and will be here for a while longer. Have pictures, will post. Also have some wintery pictures from last weekend and I’m still working on Kelli to get those SD pictures ready. This weekend Kaldun, Grandma Sue and Beth are at a big cat preserve in Arkansas and the wife is at work – so I had better go to bachelor stuff.

- Jesse

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  1. I am eagerly awaiting the Mooshu video!

  2. I am sooooo pleased you have posted some new pictures! Keep it up!!! You make me smile.

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