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April 18, 2006

Ok, I’ve been slacking on the blog entries, as I thought I might.  So I’ll do 5 short posts as one:

1)      Finals are coming up so I probably wont be able to post as much or get new pictures up.  4 more finals, 2 papers, and a 24h take home test and I’m outta here.  Then all I need to do is find a job…

2)      Halliburton occupies a floor of the building I’m in downtown.  Yesterday they were getting picketed, which kinda’ made me chuckle.  Anything different in my day tends to be a good thing.  However, upon returning to the building from an errand I quickly learned that they either thought everyone in the building worked for Halliburton, we were somehow guilty by association, or they simply didn’t care.  SO I was accosted for “over charging our government by $239,000,000.00.” Unfortunately I blew all of that money in my as to yet unsuccessful attempt to teach cabbages to read, and have not a dime remaining from it.  No pictures

3)      Happy Easter!  I’m not terribly religious but I hope Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, Vishnu, Zeus, Thor,  or whatever deity you so choose to worship provided you with a nice weekend.  I spent the weekend around the house with the family… got a lot of work done around the house, some homework, put in a new flower garden.  On Sunday we put together a scavenger hunt for the boy to find a new bike and then went for couple bike rides.  Spent a little time at Woodard park with the dog.  All and all a good weekend, in spite of it being 95F!  Have pictures, will post someday.

4)      Speaking of pictures.  There are more to come: TU Chili Fest, Easter at the Fettkether’s, out trip to OKC… I think those will be my test few posts.  As noted in #1, probably not for a while though.

5)      Das Chicken:  So my wife got back from Phoenix sometime last week and I took a long lunch to pick her up from the airport and go get some food.  As we were leaving the Cherry Street area here in Tulsa we decide to avoid the traffic and take the back roads for a little drive.  Low and behold, what did we see?  But a big fat rooster staring at me.  He was strutting across the street like there was nothing doing, he cocked his head sideways as if to imply I was running afoul by driving down HIS street.  He and his lady friend soon sauntered into a yard and began scratching around.  OK, this is Tulsa, not Key West.  We are in the middle of a metro area approaching 1 million in a ritzy part of town and there was a dang chicken.  A chicken AND a rooster! So we took a picture on a camera Kelli had with her.  It was pretty amusing to us at the time anyway…

So there you have it.  Posts galore.  I will probably post something before finals are over, sheesh, I wish they were over.

- Jesse

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  1. While the cabbages are still unable to read, I really feel like you improved their self esteem.

    What was Kelli doing in Phoenix?

    Chickens are awesome!

  2. jesse.fettketherApril 18, 2006 @ 2:03 pm

    Kelli was in Pheonix for her sisters wedding shower. She leaves tomorrow to Little Rock on business, comes home for a wekk, then goes to Denver on business. in the mdidle of finals. Bastards.

    - Jesse

  3. jesse.fettketherApril 18, 2006 @ 2:04 pm

    oh yeah.

    Yes, chickens are pretty awesome.

  4. What’re you studying? Was just wondering if you could use any ideas about the job… :)

  5. What’re you studying? Was just wondering if you could use any ideas about the job… :) Anyway I guess its too early, for now, best of luck with your exams!!

  6. so why did the chicken cross the road?

  7. So you could actually see the answer to “so why did the chicken cross the road?” :D

  8. ok you can ignore my first comment, I just saw the other post.

  9. jesse.fettketherMay 4, 2006 @ 4:18 pm

    wow, post-a-ramma Sunjay!

    I was studying law. My exams went well. The chicken crossed the road because his hen was on the other side.

    Glad I could help.

    - Jesse

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