Snow Storm!

April 12, 2009

Spring is here! Or it was. Then it snowed. And now we are right into summer – spent the weekend planting a garden and getting sunburned . But I digress. . .

The snow storm was our first real real snow for the season. We had over a foot of snow fall, but it melted almost as fast as it came down. Our area ended up with 6 or 8″ of snow at the peak. Much of it was melted that evening, most of it was gone the next day. (fyi: Sue always brings cold icy weather with her!)

Snow in Oklahoma is an interesting time. Everyone is paralyzed. We used our Pathfinder (18″ clearance, 4×4, off road package) and Iowa driving skills to pretty well tool along as we saw fit. On our way to the grocery store and back we pushed out 5 vehicles. 2 Mustangs, a Camaro, a pickup and a Toyota car of some kind.

In Iowa when you stop to push someone out they understand what is going on. Not so much in Oklahoma. You have to explain 1) you can push a car out of the snow, 2) you don’t want to spin your tires, 3) rock the car back and forth, and 4) when you get going – keep going slow and steady. When we pushed one of the Mustang’s out, she stopped to thank us – and we pushed her out again.

The dogs were ambivalent about the snowfall and got to stay inside most of the day. I took Igasa to the park for a romp and she decided snow was fantastic. Bacchus preferred to stay by the fire.

Our front yard From Spring Snow Storm, Click this link to see 4 hours later.

Tulips in the Snow From Spring Snow Storm
She doesn’t know where she is going, but she’s running! From Spring Snow Storm

Pictures from the recent family visits coming soon. Have to make some kabobs for supper!

- Jesse

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