Fettkethers, Klausers and Markowitz -oh my!

April 13, 2009

Mark and Tim went on an Asian cruise and Sue (aka mom) was house sitting for nearly two weeks.  In addition to the company of the dogs, horses, cats and various other creatures at Marks as well as the other natives Liam and Amelia Klauser as well as Beth Markowitz came to town for a few days each.   We got to mingle from time to time and take some pictures along the way.

Amelia managed to have 3 of her 4 legs of flight messed up by American Airlines.  She arrived without luggage as did everyone else on that snowy day coming to Tulsa from Dallas – for no apparent reason.   When she left Tulsa her flight got to Dallas and then turned around without landing.  All in all not a fun time with a little one in tow but she made it on time more or less in all directions.

Liam is well on his way to talking up a storm.  Some of it needs to be translated, but mostly the intent is clearly defined and more often than not involving trains/trucks or food.  Often more often than not very funny.  Always something exciting to do but the kid has two positions:  on or off.  When he’s on he’s all smiles and tons of fun, when he’s not happy he is definitely not happy!  Amelia did a good job of getting him down for his nap when the switch was flipped or otherwise whipping him back into shape.

From Klausers, Fettkethers and Markowitz – oh my!

Liam likes to dip things. Anything in anything, so long as it’s dip. We went to a boneless wings place and we all had ranch to dip in. Liam was, however, the only one to drink the ranch when he ran out of chicken.

MMMM, ranch. From Klausers, Fettkethers and Markowitz – oh my!

Kaldun kinda sorta got into the big cousin thing but also kinda sorta got into the “grandma has to pay attention to me” thing. Generally Liam was vaguely interested in Kaldun and Kaldun had zero interest in Liam. We tried to direct Kaldun to amuse Liam by reminding him how nice Scott was when he was little – with mixed results.

Not sure if Liam is still enjoying this,  Klausers, Fettkethers and Markowitz – oh my!

When Amelia left Beth was here. We went out to eat twice with Sue (too many mom’s to just say mom!) and Beth and a good time was had by all. Sue, Beth and Kaldun went to a big cat sanctuary in Arkansas but I have no pictures from that adventure.

At the Melting Pot, From Klausers, Fettkethers and Markowitz – oh my!
From Klausers, Fettkethers and Markowitz – oh my!
Bananas foster

Bananas foster

Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster

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  1. AmeliaApril 19, 2009 @ 3:42 pm

    What – you think our darling child is MOODY?!? Hee hee. Today we went to one of those salad bar places for lunch and Liam had a total meltdown because his ice cream was *too cold*…

    But loved the blog post (you’re infinitely better than actually taking photos of these gatherings than I), and enjoyed our time with all of you even more!

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