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August 19, 2009

Figured I should find a new theme for this blog, since the default has been boring for well over a year now. This one seems nice . . . but the comments don’t work very well.  Apparently the comments only work if you right click -> open in new window OR if you click on the heading of the post.   So if you want to post a comment, click on the post heading and have at it.

Go figure.

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Summer is almost over.

August 17, 2009

This summer Kaldun has taken a trip to Iowa and as a family we went to Colorado. Pictures from those events are forthcoming. We also remodeled parts of our house, did extensive work on the boats, and had plenty of other minor adventures. School starts Thursday, so here are some of our summer pictures:

The crowd was a little crazy at the Tulsa Tough bike races.

All pictures from  Miscellaneous Summer Pictures

Just found this amusing.
mother’s day bike ride to the Tulsa Kite Festival.
Random door downtown Tulsa.
Kaldun with someones dog downtown.
Tulsa Artist Coalition for their 10th Annual 5×5 sale.
Tulsa with a juvenile alligator snapping turtle.
Self portrait while hiking in the rain.
Kaldun crossing a stream while hiking.

As summer winds down we’ve been doing all we can outside.  Kaldun and I spent Saturday at the lake sailing in 25-35 mph winds.  CRAZY winds but tons of fun.  Boats were blowing over like a bad habit, eventually everyone got off the lake but great fun while it lasted.  Way pastmy expirience so thanks to the other people on Hobie Fleet 25.

Yesterday we went to Mark’s house for some cat fishing and swimming.  A relaxing day all in all.  Few fish to report, but the swimming was great.

I’ll keep the pictures coming.  The Colorado pictures will be up next.

- Jesse

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San Diego

August 10, 2009

Behold, pictures of Spring Break San Diego trip for Kelli, Kaldun and Sue (aka Mom):

San Diego Pictures

Sue looking dismayed. From San Diego Trip (Kelli, Kaldun and Sue)
View from hotel. From San Diego Trip (Kelli, Kaldun and Sue)
Kaldun finds a Hermit Crab. From San Diego Trip (Kelli, Kaldun and Sue)
From San Diego Trip (Kelli, Kaldun and Sue)
Shamu. From San Diego Trip (Kelli, Kaldun and Sue)
Dolphins following the boat. From San Diego Trip (Kelli, Kaldun and Sue)

More pictures to come soon! I will get this caught up. Oh yes, it will be done. More pictures by next Monday at the latest.

- Jesse

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Some updates, more coming

August 9, 2009

Some update somewhere killed my Gallery2 photo album. I’m been trying to get it back online but have been unsuccessful. Thus, I have replaced it totally with Google’s Picasa Web albums. Unfortunately, that entailed about 2 hours of re-uploading content. BUT, all old pictures have been re-uploaded and I will work on new pictures soon.   nearly 1000  pictures have been added, most had been posted previously (linked here or not).

Picture gallery here.

I also updated some links to the right: notably the photo link and added in some friends. So we are back on track!  I will be posting new pictures each Monday.  CHECK BACK MONDAY!

- Jesse

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Moving on

August 5, 2009

1) Still no pictures. Hate me all you like but I’ve been busy!

2) The Kitchen is finished. Wallpaper down, new glass holder in, repainted, new light fixtures.

3) The bathroom is nearly done. We tore out the god-awful wallpaper, stripped all the caulk, took out the light fixtures and vanity. Then stripped and re textured the walls and ceilings. We wanted to do do something a little different and make it appear bigger – so we added light colored chair rail (desert sand, I think), painted the bottom portion tan, the top sky blue. Instead of a vanity we put in a single mirror and a more modern light fixture over it. All we have left to do is the caulking and some touch up paint.

4) I also decided my boat trailer needed to be redone. So I disassembled what I could, ground off all the parts that were rusted out and the diamond wire, welded on some new braces/areas that were poor, ground that down, then sanded the entire thing down. Then primed, painted, and last night put most of it back together. Yay. All that to get it back to nearly the same color sans rust.

5) I’m done with big projects for the summer. Need to put some things back together. Brew beer for OKTOBERFEST, and get ready for college football. That is, after I tie up the loose ends of the former projects and put my garage/toolshed back together.

6) Kaldun starts school in 2 weeks. He is ambivalent.

- Jesse

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July 17, 2009

We’ve been doing a TON of stuff lately:

1) Tearing out all the wallpaper in our house and repainting.

2) Getting sick (flu like) and getting better.

3) Catching up on yard work/gardening

4) Cooking (smoking meat, sushi, other goodness)

5) Watching movies (new Harry Potter is out . . . need to see it!)

6) Going to the lake:

Last weekend we spent Friday evening setting up the sailboat at home and doing some minor repairs. Saturday we headed to the lake only to have a semi throw a tire. Which knocked loose the fender on my trailer, which broke a weld and sent a bar through my hull, which bounced down and SHREDDED a tire. So I spent Sunday repairing the boat (and tire).

7) Working. Kelli took a week off just for the hell of it, but I’ve been working.

8.) Fishing

9) Poker. Tuesday nights are poker nights. Busy busy.

10) Getting motivated:
a) post pictures
b) brew Oktoberfest beer
c) finish house projects
d) running a marathon in September
e) surviving 100F every damn day

So I haven’t forgot about you. I am just keeping really busy (and being lazy). I manage to update my Facebook account a couple times a week and Kelli is on Facebook now too. So if you are really hungry for quasi-news, track me on there until I get myself back in gear.

- Jesse

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July 1, 2009

The family is back from Colorado, Kaldun is back from Iowa, and all is well in the land of Fettkether. It’s been HOT in Oklahoma lately and my computer heats up out little den even more, so that’s my current no-picture excuse. But I have some amazing pictures to post from Colorado.

While I’ve been slacking on there, I’ve been doing fairly regular updates on Facebook. So if you are starved for news or lame comments, have it it. Otherwise . . .

We’ve been doing gardening work, work around the house, made rootbeer, cooking interesting meals mostly on the grill (and we did sushi), and a ton of sitting outside in the evenings with neighbors. Funny how 90F feels great after its been 104F outside all day.

I have not forgotten. Just continued my slacker ways.

- Jesse

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Random Pictures from this Spring

June 12, 2009

Kaldun has been in Iowa for the past 2 weeks.   While he was gone I have gotten a ton of stuff accomplished:  I’ve been painting more,  I refinished our fence, I fixed the drain in the bathroom, reloaded software on my computer . . . most of my to-do list.  I even posted tons of pictures on the internet.

Ok, no.  I’ve been a total slacker.  A good bit of poker.  Some sitting around and yapping with friends.  Eating out more, happy hours, going shooting with a group of guys, I even went to the National Scion Car Show (who knoew there was such a thing? Have pictures, will post).  I did get new doors put on my house and otherwise take care of normal stuff, but my imaginary surge in motivation never materialized.

However, I did spent several hours last night organizing, naming, and notating some pictures so I can post them soon.  Canada pictures and the long herolded San Deigo pictures.  Pray for rain this weekend and it will be more likley to get done.  Either that or oppressive heat to keep me inside.

In the spring my mom came to visit for a few weeks.  At one point Beth came to town also and Kaldun and I met up with them for a day of fun around town.  We went did a scavenger hunt in Bass Pro Shops and at the sea food place they have (which is OK) . . .

Kaldun doing a scavenger hunt From 2009-04-23.1

. . .we then went bowling where I rocked over 100 all three games.

Three bowlers From 2009-04-23.1

To prove that it is not all play and no work, here is Kaldun sorting the socks. You have to keep these kids working I tell ya’!

Kaldun hard at work From 2009-04-23.1

Shortly thereafter Kaldun and I went to the University of Tulsa’s spring football game and had a good time. Kaldun isn’t really that into sports but will tolerate me taking him to a Division I basketball or football game from time to time. He recently quit Tae Kwon Do as he was losing interest in it AND wants to try playing some other sports, which we decided would be a good thing. Tae Kwon Do was a 3 day a week commitment, which largely precluded other events.

Kaldun and Jesse at the TU Spring Football game From 2009-04-23.1
Kaldun striking a pose.  He didn’t get it but played along. From 2009-04-23.1

Nothing else to really report. I’m sure there is plenty I have left out, but generally when I wait to post pictures people lose out on fun stories. So I am committed to getting back in the game! Next week we leave for Colorado for a wedding. We are planning on driving so Kaldun can see more of Oklahoma and Colorado, but we found round trip flights for $150 so those plans might change. Who knows . . .

EYE see you. From 2009-04-23.1

- Jesse

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I know,I know

June 1, 2009

I’m falling into my old trap again. No real excuse either. I have Canada, Tulsa Tough,and many other pictures to post. But it’s so nice out!

Kaldun is in Iowa until we go to Colorado in a couple weeks. My plan is to be caught up by then.

- Jesse

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Gone Fishin’

May 13, 2009

I have fallen back into my wayward ways. I’ll do better,I promise. Pictures to be posted: 5×5 sale. Mayo Tour (old building being renovated back to 1924 in Tulsa). Hiking in the rain. San Diego. And by then my Canada trip.

Gone for a week to Canada. Might update facebook (probably not), but I am bringing my digital camera and will update when I get back.

- Jesse

ps. Thought something was filed late at work that would have hung my boss out to dry (who would have shown up for a hearing to get slammed). Turns out my boss had the wrong filing deadline and everything was OK. But dang, I learned of the potential error around 9pm and my adrenaline is still spiked (now 10:40).

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Garth says hi

April 30, 2009

Just a quick blurb.

I usually don’t get all worked up about celebrities.  I give them their space whenever I see them and generally don’t know that many anyway.

Today at the Court House Garth Brooks was on the same floor I was.  Someone pointed him out to me, I thought it was cool.  I went back to my hearing.

In themiddle of the hearing the Judge calls recess and asks the counselors to go back to chambers.   I walk back there and Garth Brooks is standing in the office.  He is personal friends with him!  What’s more impressive, he turns to ME and says “don’t tell me you’re working here now?”

I had a chance to briefly be introduced to him several years ago, and he apparently  remembered me.  Nicest possible guy.  Just chatted around for 10 – 15 minutes before we got back to work.  On another break he was in the hall still chatting with Sheriffs and taking pictures with anyone, not talking to people like a super star – just like a guy (hard to explain). I went up to him to chat on my break and in the course of conversation asked if he ever got tired of people coming up to him.  (his wife was there too, Trisha Yearwood.  Who I admit I didn’t know who she was.  Not a country fan, but she’s kinda a big deal too).

He said he doesn’t like mob scenes, but since he lives in Tulsa (N. of Tulsa really) he doesn’t get mobbed too often and people give hims pace at restaurants and such.  He added “my Dad always told me to be more concerned when people don’t recognize you.”    I told him that I was very impressed that all the stories about how kind he  is are absolutely true.  The guy has sold more records than anyone else in history except for the Beatles.  It feels good when successful people remain down to earth.

In other news:  Kaldun hatched some praying mantis (mantises?), we let all but 5 go tonight.

- Jesse

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Easter 2009

April 24, 2009

Much to the suprise of no one, we aren’t horribly religious.  I think the brand of religion frequently practiced in Oklahoma finally killed off my religious conviction in total (God Hates Fags, 6000 year old Earth, I’m right and you’re wrong and you will rot in hell).  But we can still enjoy a very nice Easter Sunday!

The highlight for Kaldun was getting a new 18 speed bike.  Kaldun moved to Oklahoma with his cousin Scot’s old bike (which is now on its way to American Somoa, a whole other story).  He then progressed to a full sized dirt bike, but quickly outgrew that.  Coupled with his propensity to go very, very slowly we thought buying a bigger bike was in order.  So the old bike resides at the neighbors, and Kaldun is really enjoying his new bike.  So much so he talked me into packing my suit into a backpack and biking to school/work with him on Earth Day!

From Easter 2009

The highlight for Mooshu was upgrading from a 20 gallon tank to a 55 gallon tank. It was long in the cards as he has grown from about 6″ to about 18″ from nose to tip of the tail. The new setup gives him not only more room, but more control over his temperature. Some breeders on the internet also informed me that sand substrate, while cool and enjoyable for the lizard, is not the best (compaction problems, sanitary problems, infection . . .) – so he now resides on newspaper. It’s working out very well so far.

From Easter 2009
Its a dogs life.

The highlight for Bacchus was staying inside most of the day and sleeping on the rug. Igasa was no doubt sleeping on the couch, bed, or a pile of clean laundry. Either that or a mud puddle outside. Stupid girl dog.  But I digress . . .

The highlight for Kelli and I was having a friend over for a cilvized meal in the evening.  And a good time was had by all.

From Easter 2009

The weather down here has been amazing since Easter.  70 – 90F every day.  Mostly sunny.  Some breeze.  My garden and our flowers are really starting ot take off.   It is supposed to rain this weekend but I’m looking forward to clearing the air a bit.

San Diego pictures coming, I promise!  I need to get Kelli to tell me which ones to post.

- Jesse

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Night Photography

April 23, 2009

A lawschool friend of mine and his new bride were in town last weekend.  We threw some cards.   Went out to eat. And generally had a good time.  JD is a photographer and has all sorts of fancy tools, cameras, lenses, and knowledge and  Samantha has started to really get into photography also.  So one evening we went out to take some night timepictures of Tulsa.  I didn’t get all the pictures I wanted, but I think we took some interesting pictures.  It was good to get out and do something different and a great excuse to hand out:

Power Plant along the river From Night Photography

Tulsa Skyline timed exposure From Night Photography

Fountains in the Arkansas River From Night Photography
Water flowing over a low water dam From Night Photography

Perhaps more exciting to some people, we had family pictures taken!  Samantha runs a potrait company so while she was in town we commissioned her to take family pictures.  I’ll post them whenever I get them sent my way!

More pictures on the way tomorrow evening.  Pollen count very well may keep me inside this weekend.  Something is really killing me the last 2 days.

- Jesse

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Happy Earth Day

April 22, 2009

Sorry for the lack of picture.  I have promised San Diego pictures and some others JD and Samantha were in town over the weekend  and we have more pictures from that (Kaldun’s new bike, garden pictures, etc.).   So pictures will come, but it has been WAY too nice to be sitting at the computer every night.

Because it’s Earth Day Kaldun thought we should ride bikes to school/work.  So we did.  I packed my suite into a backpack on a folding board and off we went.  Nice ride, nice morning, but the Earth is punishing my allergies today.  Stupid plants all trying to polinate.

Anyway, more in the not-too-distant future.  It’s Spring, so it’s bound to rain soon!

- Jesse

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Fettkethers, Klausers and Markowitz -oh my!

April 13, 2009

Mark and Tim went on an Asian cruise and Sue (aka mom) was house sitting for nearly two weeks.  In addition to the company of the dogs, horses, cats and various other creatures at Marks as well as the other natives Liam and Amelia Klauser as well as Beth Markowitz came to town for a few days each.   We got to mingle from time to time and take some pictures along the way.

Amelia managed to have 3 of her 4 legs of flight messed up by American Airlines.  She arrived without luggage as did everyone else on that snowy day coming to Tulsa from Dallas – for no apparent reason.   When she left Tulsa her flight got to Dallas and then turned around without landing.  All in all not a fun time with a little one in tow but she made it on time more or less in all directions.

Liam is well on his way to talking up a storm.  Some of it needs to be translated, but mostly the intent is clearly defined and more often than not involving trains/trucks or food.  Often more often than not very funny.  Always something exciting to do but the kid has two positions:  on or off.  When he’s on he’s all smiles and tons of fun, when he’s not happy he is definitely not happy!  Amelia did a good job of getting him down for his nap when the switch was flipped or otherwise whipping him back into shape.

From Klausers, Fettkethers and Markowitz – oh my!

Liam likes to dip things. Anything in anything, so long as it’s dip. We went to a boneless wings place and we all had ranch to dip in. Liam was, however, the only one to drink the ranch when he ran out of chicken.

MMMM, ranch. From Klausers, Fettkethers and Markowitz – oh my!

Kaldun kinda sorta got into the big cousin thing but also kinda sorta got into the “grandma has to pay attention to me” thing. Generally Liam was vaguely interested in Kaldun and Kaldun had zero interest in Liam. We tried to direct Kaldun to amuse Liam by reminding him how nice Scott was when he was little – with mixed results.

Not sure if Liam is still enjoying this,  Klausers, Fettkethers and Markowitz – oh my!

When Amelia left Beth was here. We went out to eat twice with Sue (too many mom’s to just say mom!) and Beth and a good time was had by all. Sue, Beth and Kaldun went to a big cat sanctuary in Arkansas but I have no pictures from that adventure.

At the Melting Pot, From Klausers, Fettkethers and Markowitz – oh my!
From Klausers, Fettkethers and Markowitz – oh my!
Bananas foster

Bananas foster

Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster

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Snow Storm!

April 12, 2009

Spring is here! Or it was. Then it snowed. And now we are right into summer – spent the weekend planting a garden and getting sunburned . But I digress. . .

The snow storm was our first real real snow for the season. We had over a foot of snow fall, but it melted almost as fast as it came down. Our area ended up with 6 or 8″ of snow at the peak. Much of it was melted that evening, most of it was gone the next day. (fyi: Sue always brings cold icy weather with her!)

Snow in Oklahoma is an interesting time. Everyone is paralyzed. We used our Pathfinder (18″ clearance, 4×4, off road package) and Iowa driving skills to pretty well tool along as we saw fit. On our way to the grocery store and back we pushed out 5 vehicles. 2 Mustangs, a Camaro, a pickup and a Toyota car of some kind.

In Iowa when you stop to push someone out they understand what is going on. Not so much in Oklahoma. You have to explain 1) you can push a car out of the snow, 2) you don’t want to spin your tires, 3) rock the car back and forth, and 4) when you get going – keep going slow and steady. When we pushed one of the Mustang’s out, she stopped to thank us – and we pushed her out again.

The dogs were ambivalent about the snowfall and got to stay inside most of the day. I took Igasa to the park for a romp and she decided snow was fantastic. Bacchus preferred to stay by the fire.

Our front yard From Spring Snow Storm, Click this link to see 4 hours later.

Tulips in the Snow From Spring Snow Storm
She doesn’t know where she is going, but she’s running! From Spring Snow Storm

Pictures from the recent family visits coming soon. Have to make some kabobs for supper!

- Jesse

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Spring hiking

April 4, 2009

We go hiking a lot.  Nothing real serious, just an excuse to get outside when it is nice.  Couple weeks ago, it was nice so we headed off to Redbud just north of town.  It hit 80F that day so we quickly shed our sweatshirts.

From 2009-04-04
From 2009-04-04
My New Desktop:   From 2009-04-04

Little did we know that the weather was getting ready to beat us up the next weekend. Stupid Oklahoma weather. More on that later this weekend.

In other news, Mooshu has gone feral. He’s getting pretty big and is well taken care of . . . BUT Kaldun has not been handling him enough. The sucker bit me! It feels like putting a chip clip on the end of your finger. More shocking than painful.

So we’ve been making an effort to handle him more lately. Of course, to get Kaldun to do so we have been playing with in in various capacities. Kaldun’s favorite Mooshu game is Godzilla – Mooshu vs plastic soldiers. Required: 1 bearded dragon, plastic army men, crickets to be released to entice ‘attack’ and viola:

From 2009-04-04

Though to be honest, we have reason to doubt the intelligence of the creature, he does the following over and over and over . . .

[Youtube video will go here. I learned that Picasa can not edit Quicktime files, which is what most cameras take movies in. Which is nice.

I also learned that has the WORST website to download things I've ever seen. Supposedly the best video encoder out there is "SUPER", it takes 8 ads, 4 different webpages proclaiming "download now" and a ton of junk to find the stupid link. Screw those guys. The hotlink to download the editor after all of that is:
Seriously, try navigating to that link from the home page knowing you want to download freeware SUPER. ARGH!

I'll post the video later.]

Amelia and Liam visited last week (after harrowing all sorts of fun with airlines), Beth is here this week, mom (Sue) has been here the whole time and will be here for a while longer. Have pictures, will post. Also have some wintery pictures from last weekend and I’m still working on Kelli to get those SD pictures ready. This weekend Kaldun, Grandma Sue and Beth are at a big cat preserve in Arkansas and the wife is at work – so I had better go to bachelor stuff.

- Jesse

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First Job!

March 25, 2009

Kaldun haggled his way into his first job.

Over the weekend a neighbor was tearing out his east side fence and replacing it with a low picket fence to put in a garden.  I grabbed a beer and went over to supervise.  Serious neighborhood businesses.

He has dogs in his backyard so just putting a garden in his backyard would lead to it’s destruction.  I told him about my elaborate fence scheme (Grandpa Irv like) to keep my dogs out and shared various garden tips.  At this point he went back to pickup something or other from his shed and stepped in a wonderfully aged pile of dog business.  Which led to a discussion of such things and my revelation that the primary reason our yard stays clean is picking up dog poop is an excellent punishment for the boy .

On cue Kaldun comes walking over.

My neighbor, realizing an opportunity, asks him point blank if he wants a job.  To which he cautiously replies “well, yeah.”  After explaining the task they began to haggle on the price.  Kaldun boldly opened the bidding at $2.30 per day (how he came to that number, I have no idea) with service on non Tae Kwon Do days.  Eventually the matter was settled.

So Kaldun has a job cleaning up after 2 labs in the neighborhood.  Once a week yard cleaning for $10.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Also, a thank you is in order for the host of this website.  Mr. Hodges has improved some of the background items on the webserver.  Should be faster, smoother, and the tools available are more colorful if nothing else (I know of nothing else at this point).

Thank you sir.

- Jesse

ps. Kelli has worked a ton, San Diego pictures still forthcoming.

[edit]This post was edited to correct typos[/edit]

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March 22, 2009

All sorts of goings on as of late.  The basketball season is winding down (Tulsa was in, and is now out of the NIT), work is fairly hectic,  awesome weather is here, Kelli and Kaldun went to San Diego for spring break, and I’ve started to make my plans for the MDP.

With the nice weather has come a couple days of fishing for Kaldun and I.  While I still stand by my assessment that there are no “wild” fish in Oklahoma we enjoy going out and breaking the boat anyway. We’ll have to wait for Kelli to label and name the San Diego pictures, but here are a few fishing pictures to hold you over:

From 2009-03-22_Fishing
From 2009-03-22_Fishing
From 2009-03-22_Fishing
From 2009-03-22_Fishing
From 2009-03-22_Fishing

I uploaded some MDP pictures. All my my MDP pictures can be seen here. Including this one of Grissel, who has been hassling me for YEARS to get a copy. So here:

From Memorial Day Pounding on Rainy Lake

Pictures of San Diego to come. Sue, Amelia and Liam will be in town next week. So more to come!

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February 24, 2009

Nothing eventful has happened.  I attended a bachelor party over the weekend but the most exciting part was that the brisket I smoked for 10 hours was damn good (and fully consumed as I carved it).  Otherwise, nothing to report.   The painting continues and I will post some new pictures in that regard sometime, but don’t want to start a theme.

Kaldun has been doing pretty well in school lately.  No real problems at home either.  But I ran across this picture and I’m sure I owe him some humiliation for something.  So enjoy:

Kaldun with Silly Putty in his hair.  From Misc.

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Learning to Paint.

February 15, 2009

So we wanted to do something different today.  It was cold out (relatively), so preferably something indoors.  We kicked around some ideas and finally decided today was the day the Fettkether’s took up painting.

Step 1:  Find somewhere that sells art supplies . There are 3 really good art supply stores in Tulsa, none of which are open on Sundays.   So Michael’s it was. Which was OK, since there was a 50% off coupon for the store today.  Then we learned all fine are supplies were 25% off… so we couldn’t get the 50%.   Scam!

Step 2: Find out how to paint.   We headed to the Central Library and grabbed a handful of books,a  couple movies, and threw a penny in the fountain for luck.  Bases covered.

Step 3:  Stop at QT for caffeine. It’ nearly 1pm and Kelli nor I had any caffeine, that kind of trangsression simply will not stand.

Step 4:  Watch video.

Step 5: Decide the videos that were available were not helpful.  The 4 other ones that were checked out and prechecked out were probably the ones you wanted.  Decide to rely on the books and the aforementioned penny luck.

Step 6:  Paint. The following are our efforts basically flying blind with acrylic paints.  As hard, or as easy, as it may be to believe – no one has actually ever painted before.  We spent $50 and will have paint and canvas for a very long time. And here are the first round of results:

Jesse’s first full picture From Learning to Paint.
The culmination of Jesse’s day.  From Learning to Paint

I did pretty good. Learned some things (like I can’t paint, and painting backgrounds first is important). Everything you see is of course for sale. :) As I worked on making things up Bob Ross style (he did oil, FYI), Kelli worked on recreating things she saw and actual studies from painting books:

From Learning to Paint
Ha!  Really good be in one of those books. From Learning to Paint
This started off as an effort to waste paint. From Learning to Paint

Kaldun started off strong then lost interest only to come back to it. I must admit his early attempts were his best, all of the following are from the first session. His latter session might well sell for millions at the Guggenheim but don’t make for good internet art.

Dragon in still life.  I was surprised it wasn’t toasting a knight. From Learning to Paint
Aquarium to the left.  Hill and stream to the right. From Learning to Paint


So there you have it. It’s good to know we harbor at least as much artistic talent as the elephants at the zoo. Soon we will rival the monkeys. After conquering the lower primates we will reevaluate our current occupations.

- Jesse

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Happy Love Day

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day everyone. In a break with recent tradition -  no pictures today.  Just a hello.

Last night we had a few people over and a friend for Kaldun.  Threw cards until the time was right for pictionary.  Good times were had by all.  Today Kaldun and I are cleaning while Kelli is at work.  Hoping for a low key evening at home.

Anyway, hope your Valentines Day goes (went) well.

- Jesse

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Nice weekend

February 8, 2009

Great weather this weekend, it hit 70 Friday, Saturday and today.  Kelli had to work yesterday and Kaldun and I took care of some house chores, car washing, and root beer making.  The important stuff.  Today we puts around the house some and then headed out hiking and to the zoo before returning home to watch Madagascar 2 (OK movie).  Hiking has been our way of getting out and doing something during the winter.   We even got in a couple night hikes this year:

From Winter Hiking

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Bacchus Christmas

February 6, 2009

You’ll have to excuse the random old pictures and tidbits for a while as I  catch up, I’ll have some newer pictures up this weekend.  Tonight I was playing with YouTube.   My mom got Bacchus and Igasa some toys for Christmas, so we let them open the presents.  They were chew toys with squeakers inside.  They lived about 10 minutes, and this is why:

The squeaking in the background is Igasa killing her toy off. Dang dogs, being all destructive.

I plan on posting some hiking pictures from last month this weekend and whatever else exciting goes on.

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Pizza for $10 Canadian

February 4, 2009

So Kelli and I went with a friend to The Colony, a little bar down the street.  There was a pretty cool blue grass band playing.  Banjo, stand up bass and 2 guitars.   Pretty fun to listen to.  So we sat back, had a few beers, and made fun of people as they walked by.

At some point a pizza guy came in trying to sell pizzas for cash to bar patrons.  No one in our little group had cash, no American cash anyway.  I have carried a $10 Canadian bill with me since I got it for change at a Walgreen in Virginia Minnesota (Southern Canada, bascially).  So I haggled with the man and eventually exchanged $10 Canadian for a medium pizza.  And it was good too.

And that’s the only remotely exciting thing that has happened.  So no NEW pictures.  But I have some pictures from Christmas 2008.  Christmas eve at our house, Christmas day at Mark’s.  I scored a floating bobber/cooler that I am trying to figure out how to get to Canada for the fishing trip.  Kelli got a long sought after UNI sweatshirt and Kaldun got the mother load, as always.   Slippers, a robe, a new rifle!  The kid got it all.

 It has continued to be moderately cold here, 50′s during the day but freezing at night.   I’ve been using the cold lager some beer, hope it turns out well.  We are supposed to turn the corner into warmer weather tomorrow and hit the 70′s this weekend.   I’m looking forward to that for sure!

JD (webmaster) tells  me he can upgrade to a new snazzy version that should run faster.   So I also have that to look forward to, which is nice.  For now, I have better go pick Kaldun up from Tae Kwon Do.    Anyone realize this blog is back up yet?

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