Getting back on my feet

May 29, 2006

Since I last wrote I have begun my BarBri courses. They are half-day courses going over 16 subjects of law, mostly specific to the state you are in. So far they arent so bad, but towards the end of the session Im really starting to get bored. Trying my best to stay on top of it, 3 years of law school and if I fai lthis last test it doesnt men much.

Kaldun has graduated from Kindergarten, a grand ceremony was held to honor the event. I’ll be sure to post the pictures (and video) from that as it was pretty dang funny. However, I plan on passwording it since there will be pictures of other kids on there and I’m not sure everyone would be cool with that. I’ll think of some way of letting most people find the password.
Kaldun graduating...

On the home front, I have torn down my fence and was planning on putting up the frame for the new one this weekend. Alas, I worked myself to the point of passing out (literally) trying to finish tearing it out and came down with strep the next day. Who knew working in 100+F heat until you blackout is bad for your health? Oh well, lesson learned. I am on some antibiotics and ventured outside to feed the fish today, I havent even puked once today and didnt hallucinated at all last night; so that’s good. Im not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing to burn a holiday weekend on such nonsense. In any event, I hope to get back in the fence building game tomorrow, at a little slower pace.

And yes, I know, Im worthless as far as picture posting goes. I swear I’ll get something up. If nothing else, Im off to a wedding in a couple weeks and will be sure to snap some pictures while back in Iowa (and post them). You’d think my being sick would have provided a good opportunity, but I was preoccupied with laying on the floor and groaning as the dog licked my face, which was nice. So, as always, pictures soon.

- Jesse

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May 19, 2006

Well, after three years of law school I determined I learned nothing. This week I am taking the PMBR (bar prep classes for the multiple choice portion) and am getting hosed! Sheesh. A “good” score is in the 50% range. I got 54% today in Con. Law and that was in the upper ranges. Ouch. So much to know, so much time to learn it. I’ll be busy studying for the bar (and job hunting) until July, argh.

In other not-news, I have taken to riding my bike to school the last month or so. Since I no longer have to go downtown to work and then to school, it is just a 2 or 3 mile ride. So that works out pretty well. Since it hit near 100F today it was a bit warm for the evening return trip, but I suppose my car’s AC would just be catching up when I got home anyway. So yay me, biking instead of driving is a nice little Am routine now.

Which reminds me of a funny (the gas saving from riding my bike). The only funny thing I saw on SNL in the last few years has been the News Desk, last week they reported “in other news George Bush’s approval rating has dropped to three dollars a gallon.” That made me chuckle, so I shared. I digress…

After the PMBR class today the family and I went to “Over the Hedge,” the new Dreamworks movie. I’m happy to report a fun time had by all. It had some hints of Shrek in the hidden high-brow comedy (a possum plays dead and moans ‘rose bud’) but plenty of stuff to make the child laugh. All in all a good time and I highly suggest you catch it. Kelli (my wife) and I hope to see the Divinci Code in the near future, in spite of the bad reviews from ‘art critics.’

This weekend is the Mayfest arts festival in Tulsa so I hope to get there on Sunday. Sat. I have MORE PMBR crapola and a graduation party to go to. So yes, that means I have not yet posted any new pictures and continue to fall further behind. All picture promised, plus graduation pictures, are forth coming. Someday.

- Jesse

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Officially graduated

May 13, 2006

Ok, I walked over the stage and got hooded. I am officially done with school.

I had a most excellent weekend of friends and family (sad that I am just writing about the weekend now). I also scored some most excellent gifts for graduation, I plan on a doing a nifty photo array of them sometime in the not too distant future. My wife got me a new Palm TX, so far it rules. It has 125 mgs built in, 400mhz, and an SD card expansion. The thing has blue tooth AND wireless. I’m gonna try to set it up so i can do blog posts from it all quick and easy (it had issues with frames and other things sometimes). other than the most stellar palm, I shall leave you in torrid anticipation of the photos.

My bar prep courses start Monday so my motivation factor is a bit lacking. It has also been perfect weather here this week so I have been wasting alot of time outside. Hell, I even got out on the golf course the other day (I’m horrible… have pictures form that to post too), which was a good time. The bad news is alot of my friends are moving away. Many are going to KC, a good buddy is heading North of Seattle, JD went back to the motherland, and many casual friends are scattered to the winds. BUT! Alot of people I know are staying and now I have places to visit (which I will say I will get done and wont for the longest time, sorry).

So I guess this post is to say I have posts coming. So, I guess its worthless. Wow, perhaps I should come back and add some substance to it later.

Golf photo’s, gift photos, and the family photo’s JD posted coming soon!

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Done and Done.

May 4, 2006

As of 7:30pm last night I am done with school. I have graduated from kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, and now law school. Arent I special? After $80,000+ of tuition plus expenses, plus lost wages I an now add “esquire” after my name. Oh yeah, it was worth it.

I graduated in the top 15% of my law school class, I was on the Energy Law Journal, Phi Delta Phi, and served on the honor code committee. I have worked for a Federal judge and 3 well known firms in town. So if you know anyone that wants to hire someone like that, have them call me.

Now my major financial activity is selling things. I am going to put my law books that the book store wouldnt buy back on Amazon. I’m selling a 1996 Ford Taurus (want one?). I think I may have already sold my soul during a pre-child bender, but I’m looking into that.
In other news, I met my wife at the mall today for lunch. It was my first pilgrimage to the mall this year and I came to the same conclusion I do on every appearance I make, I hate the mall. I think that stems from my general dislike of many people. You see teenagers walking along wearing the cool outfit of the month while talking both talking on cell phones. There are fat people wearing teeny tiny tank tops. There are skinny people trying their best ot look like Paris “Im a huge slut” Hilton. The “I want to be different crowd” is trying their hardest to dress like everyone else who is trying ot be different. Now, I will grant you that most some of the cattle are probably interesting people and I would be able to get along with many of them just fine, but when they’re at the mall in small groups they seem to have their game faces on. Its time to perform and the mall is my stage!

In any event, the mall really bothers me. In addition to the herd of people; I came to the realization that 80% of the stores in the mall sell crap I have no interest in. In fact, I think 80% are womens clothing stores. —- Ok, my mall rant is going no where, I can see that. I dont like the mall. Its a wonderful tribute to unbridled capitlism, consumerism, and Americanism… but I cant stand being there.

Bacchus, my dog, had a backup leash I was using after he ate the previous one. He ate that one yesterday. I tied him up outside of Kaldun’s school like I do a few times a week, only this time he chewed through the leash and sat diligently outside the door waiting for me. Argh. I fought the dog, and the dog won.

New pictures are posted of a family trip to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve and to Woolaroc (Frank Phillip’s summer home). The photo gallery continues to grow!

- Jesse (esq.)

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