June 27, 2006

Well, it kinda-sorta looks like we do have a new dog.  It has been a week and no owner, so the prospects are grim.  I didnt have class today so I spent an hour this Am driving around the area we found her, to no avail.  So it was, we bought a new colar and a leash for her (matching red) and picked out a name:

Igasa (pronounce “ee-gah-sa”), it is Hopi (Native American) for “one who wonders.”  So it seems fitting.  She seems to respond well to it and has already learned ‘sit’ and that she has to sit and stay before she can go through a door.  So she seems like a smart dog and Im sure she will make a fine addition to the family.

In other news;  Fence pictures are up! No one probably cares anymore, but oh well.  I didnt get any ‘action shots’ of us doing any real work, but since it was pushing 100F most days, you can imagine it was ugly.  Job done, looks great… go see for yourself.

I had today off from my class so I got to watch some World Cup, I have now become a World Cup fan (Down with Italy!)… so that’s good.  Its back to the grind at BarBri bright and early.   As a post script to the last post, my score was really 111, I misgraded 1 and got credit for a different answer on another.  So yay.

And one last thing, in this random and incoherent post, I sold my green Taurus.  Done and done.  Well, kinda.  I have to go to the bank and make sure the check clears and all but I covered my self with a note and a check with a purchase money security interest in the car.  Teehee.  $2,400 for a 1996 Ford Taurus LX with all the bells and whistles.  Gave them a good deal IMHO but I sold it to a neighbor, so that’s good.

- Jesse

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Dog 2

June 25, 2006

Well, first I should share the big news that the FENCE is done! It took us about a month to get the thing done, it was ou rbreak from bar studying. My buddy Kevin helped ALOT. THe lowest bid I was able to find was just below the $6K mark and we got it done for about $2,500. I took before pictures, during pictures, and after pictures. Which, of course, I will get aorund to posting in due time. I am very happy with the way it turned out, it looks perfect… so maybe Im no the wood butcher all of the males in my family are purported to be.

In other news… the Multistate Bar Exam is no fun at all. I took a practice exam, as my friend JD did recently, and realized it is 50% knowing the law, and 50% stamina. The thing is on the order of 100 pages long and has 200 questions over 7 hours. Trying to critically think for that long is not fun at all. I bet I missed more than a couple on account of basically not caring anymore. Argh! I ended up getting 109/200, before you mock me, the average is 105. So I would have passed the bar with flying colors! The practice test is made harder than the real thing to really give you a wake up… so thanks for that. Anyway, I spent yesterday doing the test, today going over half, and a full day tomorrow doing the same thing. That’s 21 hours of MultiState Bar in 3 days. Bar prep continues.

But! More interestingly, I found a dog the other day. Well, the dog found my sons school… it was wondering aorund the school with no tags and the teachers were freaking out. I got a hand on her but she had no tags. So I held her while they called the Humane Society but we were informed that they had no more room for dogs. With no tags and no claim, the put them down in 24-36 hours. :(

That would not stand. So like an idiot I took her and threw her in my new snazzy backyard. I have check the area for posters, called ARF, Animal Aid, the Humane Society, Animal Control, petfinder.com, and several other places I can think of listing her. I took her to the vet and had her scanned for the chip and/or tatoos I could find but nothing. Apperently no one is looking for a juvinile black lab bitch. By the looks of her she hasnt eaten very well for sometime. Sweet dog, but I forgot what a pain in the butt a puppy can be. I’m guessing she is 50lbs and still real young, teeth pearly white, gangly, and clumsy… So if you are looking for a black lab you lost in the mid-town area, let me know.

So it is I have now doubled the number of dogs in my home. I still hope we find her owner but if not, it looks like we will be giving her a home. Today is day 4 and we dont know her name, we have just been calling her “DOG 2″ and she is starting to answer to it, so I think it is time for a name. For dogs, I have read the best name is 2 hard syllables, they respond best to those sounds. So ahhh, yeah.

Dog #1, Bacchus on the left. Dog #2, Dog #2, on the Right.

Them Dogs

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Is this Iowa?

June 14, 2006

I spent a long weekend in Iowa for an Irish-Catholic wedding in Dubuque. Good times were had by all.

I took my Texan buddy Kevin up north with me, other than ski resorts in Colorado he had never been North of Tulsa. I had to fix that. We beelined after our bar class to Des Moines where I stayed with my buddy O-tang. He’s gota nice house up there and is a partner in our investment firm (stupid market!). So we child with him, had some BBQ, and downed a few bottles of vino while watching Sideways (good flick if you like subtle humor, and wine). For extra special news O-tang asked me to be the best man at his wedding next memorial day weekend! Woohoo! I’m already planning (plotting) the bachelor party (well not really, but I thought about it. I havent been to Vegas in a good while).

The next AM we were off bright and early-ish to take a driving tour of highway 20 between I-35 and Cedar Falls, Iowa. Kevin was very surprised to see the rolling hills, river valleys, and other terrain in Iowa. I guess everyone pictures a flat expanse of farm fields. He also finally understood what I was trying to ttell him aobut there ALWAYS being a house within 1/2 a mile. Farm house farm house farm house… apperently in Texas such is not the case. He seemed pleasently surprised by the country side in Central Iowa and VERY impressed with the Dubuque area.

We did a driving tour of the University of Northern Iowa‘s campus and saw the new arena they are putting up (which looks like a big box). Then we drove throug hthe heavily industrialized city and gandered at the massive industrial complex that is John Deere Waterloo works, just on the way to my parents house to drop off Kaldun’s old John Deere bike. It was a bit of a theme I guess.

At my parents hosue we took their sporty little car out for a spin and then my mom took us out for lunch and forced a couple fried pork chops upon us. Then down hwy 20 again to the mighty metropolis of Epworth. My inlaws live on a hobby farm with a gorgeous barn (have pictures, MUST post sometime damnit!), a few horses, some fowl, a dog, anda ton of swallows. A classic Iowa farmstead without the actual farming). Due to the wedding, chaos ensued.

For those of you not in the know, Epoworth is about 15 minutes outside of Dubuque, Iowa, an old Mississippi river town and home to Lock and Dam #11. It is as hilly as San Francisco in many parts and sports a ton of old brick buildings. The old part of town has clearly define districts and neighborhoods that make it a really interesting city. Kevin and I had a chance to drive around the city and look at the old colleges, checked out a raft of barges in the lock from the bluffs overhead, and survey the areas around the town.

The best part is we found Fettkether Lane while we were driving around! Woot! I felt pretty special aobut that. It was/is a one lane gravel road with a wooden bridge that eventually has a sign that said “Maintain at level 8, enter at your own risk.” We chose not to enter and went back from whence we came. highway 52 up there is amazing, open areas, areas that felt like appalachia, and everything in between. Very cool. Then we almost ran out of gas since it goes near no gas stations and the very narrow WINDING dark lanes would have sucked to run out of gas on. I digress…
Rehersal went well, the groom was a bit nervous; OK, very nervous, And the priest was the same one that did our wedding… other than that no problems. The next day all went well with the wedding in-spite of the rain (but it kept the temperature in the non-aircondition country church down in the mid 70s), I took pictures and videos and to repeat my montra, I’ll post them. They had a string quertet playing and Kaldun was a ring bearer (which he will repeat next year for O-tang), it was a nice service (and my first time in a church since the last funeral).

The reception was a good time too! My parents took Kaldun back to Waterloo with them at about 8pm and it all went downhill from there. Kevin and I ended up hitting the bars with a pair of twins, a Norweigan, and an Englishwoman. Ok, they were all men in reality, but it would have made a better story for the internet had I started it the otherway. We ended up causing some good old fashion drunken trouble (nothing serious) and had our SOBER drivers get us home sometime before last call. A good time was had by all, except Kevin, who may or may not have had a good time. He still isnt sure. ;)

We spent Sunday night at my parents house in Waterloo and went to the Brown Bottle for some Italian and crashed relatively early. The next day was a 9 hour beeline to Tulsa.

Good trip, good people, good wedding, good times. It wasnt until I was on my way home that I realized I had taken NO pictures. Other than 3 pictures of Joes barn, 1 picture of Kevin, and the wedding pictures I didnt take any. None from the blufs of the lock and dam. None of Fettkether lane. None of the hills around dubuque. no bar pictures. NOTHING! D’oh! It was a whirlwind weekend (put 1,500 miles on my car!), so Ill use that as my excuse. Argh!
So now I am back ot the grind. We made up the bar classes by going ot night classes and the fence is getting rails this week. Slow and steady.

- Jesse

ps. if this seems more incoherent than usual, it is because I have had 3 phone calls, one yaking dog, and 2 emergency situations with a 6 year old while writing it (dog ate his toy tractor and his computer wouldnt turn on).

Pictures someday. I swear I own a camera.

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