None of my friends believe me

October 31, 2006

Alright, im a serious slacker, I know. Here is a brief update.

Oktoberfest was sweet. A good time was had by all and the pictures will prove it.

My job was not working out, so I no longer work there. I am currently seeking different and better employment. The trustee I worked for was a good guy but I didnt care for the work I was doing at all. A typical day was opening the mail, verifying and doing data entry on the checks, scanning in all of the checks, opening new case files (data entry and physically printing and putting papers in the file), updating case filings, and doing data entry on new claims filed. There was some other work involved, but 90% of my time was spent on that. There were some other things involved that made it a work environment that didnt appeal to me also, but that no longer matters. I thanked the trustee for the opportunity and shook his hand on the way out the door. So if you are looking to hire a young attorney, Im available.

So I have been spending most of my time sending out resume’s and catching up with a bunch of other little projects. I have to build my dogs a new house for one. Its a dog house for two, but has been put on hold while I repair some newly found water damage to the back of my house.

IN ohter news, Kaldun is a cowboy for holloween. We went to HallowZooWeen last night, which is the Tulsa Zoos Halloween party. Wow, there were TONS of peolpe there. Luckily it is ahuge park and there were enough sponsors (from American Airlines to Whirlpool) that things didnt seem so bad once you got it. THe line stretch for at least a hundred yards, but zoo freinds got to bypass it. :) Tonight we will play it more low key and take the cowboy out for a bit but mostly stick around home.

I swear, I will post pictures someday. I’ve been taking them, they just havent been maknig it up here. i have picures that Kaldun took, the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, the boys birthday party, some pics when he had a friend stay the night, the Tulsa City-County State Fair (that’s a mouthfull), Oktoberfest along with Otangs visit, a trip to the pumpkin farm, and Holloween pictures to post. So you should check back, because Im unemployed and it wil be amazing hen they are all up.

- Jesse

ps.  Im sucha  slacker I havent even named/meta taged pictures since JULY!  I have my work cut out for me.

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I am still alive.

October 8, 2006

Holy wow, its been entirely too long since I’ve done anything on the computer, let alone keep up with posts.

As you saw, I passed the abr.  I now have my bar number and a job.  I am working as a Bankruptcy Administrator for the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee of the Northern District of Oklahoma.  An interesting hybred of a private firm under federal bureaucracy.  I wont bore you with my job, if you want to know more zip me an email or find me on google talk sometime.

OTher than that, nothing too exciting has happened. A brief run down:  Kevin and I bought a little fishing boat.  We have caught one fish in the boat and spent tens of hours working on the damn thing. Stupid boats.  The family and I went to the Tulsa State Fair the other day, took a bunch of pictures (which I will, eventually, post).  Kaldun had his first sleep over the other day with a little friend, which went well.  Otang(.com) and his soon to be wife are coming down for Tulsa’s Oktoberfest this weekend… which simply rules:

Tulsa, OK
Oktoberfest: October 20th-23rd

It’s a surprising spot for Oktoberfest, but there are few cities that host a better German festival than Tulsa. In fact, Bon Appetit magazine calls it one of the top German food festivals in the U.S. and USA Today included the city in its list of Top 10 places in the world to celebrate Oktoberfest.

To support these accolades, Tulsa brings in several bands from Bavaria, sets up a slew of cool European shops and kiosks, and offers 20 food stands for your dining pleasure. As visitors munch on Landjaeger (German-style beef jerky) and Kassler Rippchen (grilled, smoked pork chop), they can take in beer barrel-racing, the ceremonial keg-tapping and an extensive parade. Put it all together, and it’s clear that Tulsa goes all out for an annual Oktoberfest to remember.

Must-do: Check out the straight-from-Bavaria bands that solely visit Tulsa and experience what their unique sound is all about.

Anyway, I hope to get more active with this blog again. Things happen, I’m sure.  But for now, I shall have to make due with this little quip of a post.  Perhaps I will actually get some pcitures up in the near future!

- Jesse

ps.  comments kinda down, as some assclown is spamming it to death.

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