On the road again

January 23, 2007

The sun is shining and the ice has melted here in Oklahoma.  There is still ice around that is frozen in the morning; the dreaded black ice.  Aside from that, the biggest problem in getting around is the MASSIVE Nissan gobbling pot holes.  I assume a massive ice storm such as this coupled with weeks of freezing weather and snow plows digs up every pot hole that has been patched in the last 5 years.  Dirving down some streets more closely resembles a downhill slolem than a commute.  The news reports are saying that many people are damaging their rims (I like to imagine it is truck owners who think their vehicles ‘are made for sh!t like this’).  Slow and steady…

So thing have calmed down.  Over the weekend Kelli and I ditched the boy went out to eat with another couple and then went to the Tulsa basketball game.  Though Tulsa lost after missing the game winning shot as the buzzer sounded, it was a good game.  Massive improvement over last years team but still a long way to go.

Kelli has been working over night for the past week or so.  Guess they are changing over to spring crap already?  Its no fun though, she got home today just in time to waive us off for the day.  Last night was her last over night for a while, though she has to go to Dallas this weekend (life’s to short to live in Dallas).

Kaldun is back in school now!  After a solid week off he went to schol yesterday and almost made it home without getting in trouble, almost.  He also lost one of his front teeth at school yesterday (after having it knocked loose when Kelli and I were at the TU game by playing with ‘some other kid’ at the daycare center).  The tooth fairy rewarded him with a dollar coin, as is the custom now.  Damn inflation.

Otherwise all is well in the world.  I’m afraid my recent addiction to the RTS game Age of Empires 3 has put a real damper on my picture posting.  You can kick me next time you see me.

- Jesse

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The Ice Man Commeth

January 17, 2007

Nothing ever came of the whole shooting thing, so other than the street cred I’ve gained from it it goes down as another short story in the life of Jesse.  I still cant help but wonder from time to time if the person next to me is gonna start shooting, but nothing crippling.  And sorry Shane, per your comment, I didnt realize that is how Oklahoman’s introduced themselves.

Things have REALLY slowed down in Oklahoma.  Last Friday it started to rain, then it froze, then it sleeted, then it rained some more other the entire weekend.  The result is an ice pack like I’ve never seen before. The yards and streets look like they are covered in fresh snow.  No grass can be seen in my front yard nor tire marks in the street.  But when you go to walk in the yard you dont leave any footprints, its just solid ice!  Probably 3″ of solid ice on everything.  Now, its not the hard packed snow turned kinda-ice some of the northerner’s reading this are used to in the winter… no, its the ‘holy crap I cant get going no matter how slow I try’ kind of glare ice you fear. The paper is running pictures ofpeople ice skating down the streets.

School’s closed early around here on Friday and have remained closed.  The word on the street is they MAY open back up on Friday in the metro area and perhaps Monday for some of the outlying areas.  Just south of here it is far worse though.  A town of about 20-30K (Muskogee I think, they all sound the same to me) had 900 electrical poles snap.  Those poor bastards may be out of power for a matter of WEEKS.

BUT! The Fettkether’s are making the most it.  The glare ice makes for some unique sledding opportunities as any little hill provides a speed track for the sled.  Walking the dogs has taken on a whole new challenge as it becomes an interesting mix between walking and sliding while the dogs alternate between pulling me triumphently and have all 4 legs slide from beneeth them.  Down the streets from us the road has a quick “S” curve in it at a steep downhill, right in front of the park.  While at said park with the dogs and the boy yesterday Kelli and I helped 4 or 5 people out of jams, stopped several more from going that direction, and saw still others spin/slide/whirl out of control.

So there’s the whole big-ice storm thing for ya’.  Of course I took some pictures, of course I havent posted them.  Yes, I know Im a slacker.

On a somewhat related, but not really, story:  Igasa cut her mouth when she got into the garbage and munched on a can on Monday.  I heard a yip and went out to see one of my cactus pots destroyed, so I yelled at the dumb beast for breaking it.  WELL.. later Kelli notice blood all over the bathroom and carpet and it was from Igasa’s mouth.  I still figured it was from the cactus, but later learned she had got in the garbage and chewed up a tin can!  The way this relates the snow story is the smount of blood a 70lb dog can spread around an all white backyard.  Wow, it looks like someone gutted a deer back there.  We took care of her, and I appolgized for yelling at her for breaking my cactus, and she’s all better now.  In case anyone is wondering, if an animal is bleeding alot in the mouth the solution (I was told) is no food or drink for 24hrs, downtime, and cold.

In other news, work goes well. THe boy is enjoying his time off from school, his parents – not so much.  Kelli got paid for a couple days of not having to work.  The OSU-Texas basketball game last night ruled.  Go TU and UNI Basketball.  TU football is getting interesting in the off season.  Yep.

- Jesse

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Story Time

January 4, 2007

On my way home from work today I was driving down Harvard here in Tulsa, a four lane right of way type street. As i appraoched an onramp to the freeway a blue hatchback drove up beside me. At first I thought it was someone I knew but I couldnt tell so I rolled down my window figuring they wanted to tell me something. At about that time the driver held up an silver automatic pistol with a larger bore as his passenger leaned forward to see, I immediately slow down. At which point he came to a stop, leaned out the window and began shooting into my car as I drove by. Before I could react he floored it and got on the freeway. I called 911 and drove home with my car smelling like gun powder.

The car was a shitty blue hatchback with one of those retarded large mufflers on it. The driver was 16-24 years old, white, with a baseball hat on backwards. I dont remember anythng about the passenger except that he had a large coat on. Nor do I recall what hat or clothes the driver was wearing. The police blocked off the off ramps in the direction he traveled but didnt find a vehicle matching that description (he probably got off on the first ramp and went elsewhere). The police just left here and didnt have much to say. 1) they planned on scaring some commuter at that point with easy access to the freeway, 2) road rage, or 3) they mistook my vehicle for someone else.

In hindsite, I wish I would have gotten his plate number. But that would have entailed chasing him down the freeway. In hindsite, I still kind of wish I would have done that. It would be an absolute pleasure to get the plate # and report this man, and then sue him for assault, take his shitty little hatchback, and destroy it. I’m sure the courts would say he was just a kid and give him community service along with my address anyway.

But now I have a good reason to get a carry permit.

- Jesse

p.s. To those several of you that inquired: no, I’m not joking.

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Happy 2007!

January 3, 2007

Short little post here:

1. I got a new job.  I’m managing a construction company here in Tulsa.  So far so good, I’ve learned more about law and business in one day of someone saying ‘here, run this thing and let me know if you have any problems’ than I have in 8 years of college.  The college though, has helped out a little.  More on that some other time…

2.  The 2007 Fiesta Bowl was a gift from the gods. Holy crap.  I watch a ton of college football and I dont know that I have ever posted about a game, but I’ve never seen anything come close to that.  While I was cheering for the home team (adopted home team being Oklahoma), no one can deny what an amazing game that was (even in Oklahoma!).

3. Have Xmas and New Years pictures, my goal is to post them this weekend.  No promises.  :)

K, back to work.

- Jesse

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