February 22, 2007

No pictures. Sorry, had to get your attention.  I swear they are on my to-do list and I’m feeling really bad about posting none.  But I felt I should check in just the same.


Its been insanely nice here this week.  Its been in the 70′s and I’ve loved every day of it.  Though Im stuck in the office all day I have gotten up early to spend some time putzing in the yard. After work I’ve been in the front yard a lot and taken Kaldun to the park a couple times.  Ahhh, I’m so tired of winter!


This AM as I was trying to convince Igasa to bring me the paper I saw something going up in the sky to the East.  It left a trail like a jet engine but was going straight up, very odd.  THEN, on my way to work I heard on the radio that many other people had reported the same thing.  The radio station called the airport and the FAA but they had no information.   I guess there are some missile silos East of Tulsa, but I would prefer to think its just a UFO and not the start of armageddon.


On my way home from work yesterday I hit the mother of all potholes.  Tulsa has really grown some fine ones this year following the cold winter and massive ice storm(s).  This one in particular was about 2 feet long, 6″ across and a full 8″ deep.  It was position strategically at the spot where one is merging onto the freeway – so you are looking at traffic instead of down at the road.  I am very intimate with this pothole as it destroyed by front right wheel on my Nissan and left my next to the road, on the freeway, during rush hour, cursing at it as I frantically tried to change my tire and make it to tip off (Tulsa v. UAB).

As spare tires are always near flat, I limped off the freeway and to the nearest quicktrip (YAY FREE AIR!).  As I was working on putting air in my tire I noticed the tire was going the wrong way – that is to say, down.  There was a hole in the airline and it was actually sucking air OUT OF MY TIRE.  Sons of bitches.  So I limped to the next QT and got everything squared away in time for pre-game beers.


In other news.  Kelli and I are healthy but Kaldun is down and out today.  He woke up sick last night around 10:30 and things got kinda ugly.  Kelli took off the AM and Im heading home early for a swap.

In movie news, I watched Little Miss Sunshine the other day and HIGHLY recommend it.  Not a kids movie at all, so be warned.  But man, its funny.

Back to the salt mines.

- Jesse

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Night at the Museum

February 3, 2007

My mom has been in town now for a couple of weeks and we have been spending time together pretty often.  She has had Kaldun spend the night a few times, we took her to a Tulsa basketball game, and today we went to the movies.  We saw the movie “Night at the Museum” and I highly recommend it.  Witty, fun, and appropriate for all ages.  I’ll be acquiring it when it comes out to be sure.

In other news:  its been COLD here.  The weather has followed my mother and its been below freezing since she got here.  i blame her personally.

Otherwise I just wanted to check in and say hi.  There is more to report but I have to get back to my mother visiting.

- Jesse

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