March 4, 2007

Spring is in the air here in Oklahoma.  The flowers are pushing up and the roses are sprouting.  I have 3 daffodils blooming at the moment and  many other bulbs poking their heads up.  If you look  closely the trees have buds on them.  I imagine it wont be but a week before it is really in full swing.

Lately I have been trying to teach Igasa to fetch the paper in the morning.  Thus far, we have got to the point where I open the garage door and yell “get the paper” and she dashes madly around the yard and then realizes, in delay, what I said and goes and gets the paper.  She then proceeds to take it in to the yard and maul it.  I guess she wants to make sure its dead before bringing it to me.  :(

In political news, I officially joined the Libertarian party a while back and have enjoyed the literature they send me.  They have requested more member input in the last 2 months than the Republican party requested  in the previous 9 years. However, they practice what they preach – meaning their membership is not government subsidized and you pay for it. Damn principles!  Also, all but the two major parties are essentially banned in Oklahoma – so that sucks.

Kelli has the morning off today and is hovering over my shoulder, I suppose that means we had better go do something.

- Jesse

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