Slacking (again)

August 20, 2007

I know I’ve been slacking.  Those of you that I speak with know there has been a glut of adventure in the life of Jesse, it has been my intention to do a post on each event.  Alas, I have not made that happen yet.  So as things continue to log up, I figure I should at least touch on the high points for people.

1) I went to Colorado/New Mexico with a friend to pick up the boat.  I returned a week later without my boat, or my car.

2) I went back the next weekend with the family and returned with the boat and the car.  Complete with a $2500 transmission job.

3) The boat is in good order.  A few minor things, but I really did get a great buy.

4) Took it sailing for the first time.  The rudders would not lock down so we sailed ourselves into a forest.  Abandoned the boat until the calvary (inboard V6) arrive.

5) Went to a wedding in Minneapolis.   The wedding was nice, the hotel had an indoor water park thing, the visits were great.  But the airlines suck.  Stupid airlines.

6) Went sailing again (this time with someone who knows what he is doing).  All went well after we managed to get it set up correctly.  Other than the lightening storm, that scared me.  33′ tall aluminum lightening rod, err mast, on water + lightening = Jesse near panic.  But in the end nothing bad happened and good times were had by all.

7) Our new transmission died again.  Exact same thing.  Looks like they will cover it under the warranty (Aamco).  Good decision going with a national chain while out of town.

Otherwise, all is well in the world of Fettkether. We are still in the doldrums of summer with 100F days and warm sticky evenings, but a shower over the weekend provided relief (and lightening!).  Kelli is away on business and Kaldun started second grade today (yes mom… I got the annual “first day of school” picture).

Speaking of pictures, no promises but I often think of it on my long list of things to do.  So no promises there.  I’ll try to fill in some of the gaps in the stories above and get some photos up sometime.  I’m trying, ok?

- Jesse

ps. 10 days until college football.  Go TULSA!

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